Sunday Search of the Week 6-29-2008


This weeks search is, "my skin seems to eat my clothes". I do write a lot about food, but how this search landed on my site, I have no clue. Free mention here and a link back to your site to the first person who figures out which of my posts or comments by readers attracted this search!

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will, I love a challenge. I would guess that the searcher looking for “my skin seems to eat my clothes” came to your post (Are Personal Hygiene Products Safe?). I’m guessing that because the post has the words: my, skin, eat, and clothes numerous times (and because I found it on google). Am I right? Now if you asking WHY a person was searching for that phrase, well, that’s a different question. I have no idea!
~ Steve from Pinnacle Displays (a company that sells custom-printed trade show booths)


2 Will

You might be right! I was thinking it might be a comment that landed them here. Like a couple of weeks ago when the search was “how to make a dinosaur”. I just knew it was not a post that triggered the search result, and indeed it was a comment on a post that did it. In this instance, I bet you are right on hygiene products post.

I’ll announce you as the winner on next Sundays post with a link to your site. The searches I find often puzzle me, maybe I should ask for readers to solve the puzzle each week! Thanks!


3 Betty

Wow great tought. You could notice well that those words are mentioned oftenly in the post.


4 Steve

Woo hoo! I love to win! Thanks Will. 🙂
The neat thing about your post is that it points out the STRANGE things that people search for (like “how to make a dinosaur”). I haven’t looked at our own website search stats in years, but your reply inspired me to do so. We sell trade show displays and most of the searches that people click through on are trade show related. However, I see that last month two people found us searching for “how much does a typical cardboard box weigh” and “when to pop up on wave”. I’m guessing the second person was a surfer (ocean, not internet) and clicked through on our new wave-shaped pop-up style trade show displays. I have to wonder if the first searcher ever found an answer to their question?
I think having a weekly or monthly post about the most strange search string in your stats could be quite funny, and perhaps your readers would want to check their own logs (like I did mine) and share their strangest search strings. Could be quite interesting! ~ Steve


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