Sunday Search of the Week 7-6-2008


I hope all readers that are here in the U.S. are having a great Independence Day weekend!  I have not even turned my computer in for the last two days.  Oh my!  And thank you to Steve  who figured out how that very unusual search from last week ended up on this site.  Maybe that is the way to track down where some of the odd ones end up, turn the readers loose on them!

This weeks search,  "how to squash killing bugs" is just a funny typo, and it is easy to see that the searcher might have landed on this post, or maybe this one.   I think what they really wanted to find out was "how to kill squash bugs".  If they read the two articles, they would have learned about my organic method of control and by now are hopefully having success in their own garden.

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will, Thanks for the recognition! I think it the second post (bug-problems) because it has all three words “squash”, “killing”, and “bugs”. The first post doesn’t have “killing”. Anyway, what a strange search! I agree they probably got it backward and were wondering about how to kill squash bugs, not how to squash killing bugs. But if it was the later, I would say be very, very careful when dealing with killing bugs, and make sure you use a very, very big rock to squash them. The last thing in the world that you want is an angry killing bug wondering who just tried to squash them!
~ Steve (the guy with no killing bugs, no squash bugs, but plenty of trade show booths)


2 Jack Payne

A scrambled up search term can often lead, inadvertently, to a lot of hits. Happened to me a year ago. A bunch of stuff came flying at me through Google–all a big mistake. You never know.

Jack Paynes last blog post..Home Medical Equipment, Often a Scam–Look Out


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