Sunday Search of the Week 8-16-2009


This week’s search, “how to squash kill bugs”, is kind of funny but shows how the search engines are getting better at deducing what a searcher is really looking for.   I am sure they were looking to find a murder method for those nasty, virus spreading, squash bugs that show up on winter squash and pumpkins every year about this time.  Even though they were a bit mixed up on the order of their words, they were brought right to a relevant post here on this site.  Maybe they found: this post, or this one. Thank you Google!

Interestingly, because this topic has been covered so many times, when I do the search in a few different ways, my posts on the subject do not turn up on the first page.  So the searcher may have found the link here several pages sown in the results.  That in itself is interesting since supposedly 90% of searchers do not go past the first page of results.  And, less that 1/10 of 1% get past page 3 of the results.

I hope your garden is free of these pests and they require a lot of work to kill without using chemicals.  So far this year my garden has been pretty free of them.  I do have the weak soap solution ready just in case.

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