Sunday Search of the Week 8-17-2008


This week’s unusual search phrase is: “do tomatoes like tea”.

This is another one where I can’t figure out where on the site this search landed.  But my guess is that they don’t, but who knows?

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will,
I’ve heard of singing to your plants to grow, but never having a tea party with them. My daughter loves to have tea parties with her dolls. Next time I’ll tell her to include our tomato plants. Their production looks like it is peaking now and heading down hill, so I think they could really benefit from a good tomato tea party
Seriously though, my guess is that the searcher was being literal. I have heard mixed reviews about putting coffee grounds in compost (Starbucks used to give away bags of used coffee grounds to anyone that wanted them, not sure if they still do). I’m guessing the searcher wondered if putting tea or used tea leaves on her tomato plant would help.
I know caffeine helps keep me going!
~ Steve, aka Mr trade show booths


2 Andrew Flusche

If I was a tomato, I’d like tea. what a weird search!!

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3 Shelley

haha That’s funny! I love finding how people found me!
Thanks for a wonderful blog. I have bookmarked you and I will be back.
Many Blessings,

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