Sunday Search of the Week 8-28-2010


Another odd one this week.  I have been called a few things in my time, but never this… Yesterday alone five people landed here after doing the search:  “dirty yellow lizard”. I tried several ways, but I can not reproduce their result. This may be a job for the fearless Steve who always seems to be able to figure these odd ones out. Steve?

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Will Sig
1 annalyn

lol! maybe you had published something about yellow? dirty? and lizard? 🙂
I cannot tell what people are searching when they end up on my site. That’s the reason why sometimes I want to dissolve it lol!

Thanks for dropping by. See you on Wordless Wednesday this week.
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2 Anna

Hey Will are you Polish? I think Zbyszek was clicking on the comments and not the connecting link.
Thanks for the latest post, that may be a great theme for my blog. And yes Matthew takes photos of everything around the house, but the most photographed are me, daddy and his car toys, lol.

Anna 🙂
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3 Tony

Dirty yellow lizard sounds like an insult like calling someone a dirty rotten scoundrel. I posted photos of a fake sheep outside a butcher shop ages ago that they often dress in different clothes. I get lots of searches coming up for sexy sheep. The other day I had one for “Sheep in lingerie” There are some sick people in this world.


4 Steve

hey will,
Not only do I have no idea why they clicked through to your blog (or what post), I am puzzled why five people would be looking for that. I even checked google news search and images search… I’d have to say this is one of your better puzzlers… let me think on it for a while.
PS. The cinch gopher (mole) traps should arrive today. I can’t wait to try them out! Maybe I’ll be able to talk about “dirty yellow gophers”. 🙂
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5 Will

Ok Tony, this is a G rated site… most of the time! 😉

Steve – Yeah this one is really odd. I have tried several ways and I can not make any permutation of that search land here. I even add the word “Taft” to the search and still can not figure it out. If you get this one, I will be VERY impressed. But the 5 results were right there in my Google Analytics Stats so something was landing them here on that day.


6 Steve

Hi Will,
I can’t tell you WHY people were searching for “dirty yellow lizard” but…
I think the post they went to was /geocaching/wordless-wednesday-5-27-2009/
If you search on Bing Images for “dirty yellow lizard” your cute picture of a lizard shows up as image #10.
The interesting thing is that the image name is 5-27-2009-b.jpg. Bing decided (correctly) that it was a picture of a lizard because the caption below it has the word “lizard” in it. But the word “yellow” is only in the post comments, and the word “dirty” is only in one of your popular post titles… it’s interesting that the three words get combined to yield an image being served up…
So whether or not that’s how people found you, it is interesting that the picture shows up in Bing images when you search for that phrase…
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7 Will

Wow Steve! I bow down and am duly IMPRESSED. And it must be how it happened. I agree that it is very strange that Bing was able to put all that together. I do wonder why people are searching for dirty yellow lizards, though. Thanks!

And you know what is really cool, but meaningless, is if you now search for “Dirty Yellow Lizard”, you get 7 results. All this site. I can’t believe we actually added something new and unique to Google. New, but useless…


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