Sunday Search of the Week 8-31-2008


Sometimes the searches are not funny or odd, just rewarding to read.  It  feels great when I see a search and know that the person landed on the exact post they needed to find what they were looking for.  Here are a few examples from the past week.

Does your yellow bug light work

Are Teflon Pans Safe

Does eating fruit help joint pain

Safely killing aphids in a vegetable garden

Of course there had to be one that made me chuckle and this week it was:

butt pain eat fruit

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Will Sig
1 An American in France

That’s really funny! I should really make a weekly post like this. I get some pretty weird searches to my sites and I sometimes wonder what people are thinking and if they found what they wanted.


2 Andrew Flusche

I love this post every Sunday!

I better watch out for fruit. I wouldn’t want to get butt pain. 🙂

Andrew Flusches last blog post..The Smithsonian Squanders Your Money


3 Steve

hi Will,
Thanks for yet another good “Sunday Search” post. I agree that it is rewarding to see that searchers find answers, and that you’re the one providing them.
Also, the last “funny” search (butt pain eat fruit)actually makes sense. Fruit has lots of fiber, and can really help keep one regular if one needs it. Eat a dozen peaches (yummm) and you’ll see what I mean the next day. I eat lots of vegies and some fruit, and have coffee every morning, so I’ve never experienced the problem that I’m guessing this search may have, but if one is constipated (and thus might have a bit of pain, or pain getting it out), fruit is a great answer.
~ Steve (aka “trade show booths”)
PS. Can’t believe I’m really writing about this.
PPS. I wonder which of your posts the searcher found with “butt pain eat fruit”. I suppose now I’ll have to figure that out…


4 Steve

hey Will,
For any one interested…
I tried to figure out which of your posts ranked for “butt pain eat fruit”, but when I searched your site on google for that, it will only show this page and your home page (because of Andrew’s comment). I tried yahoo and some other things, and almost gave up.
Then I had an idea. I tried “but pain eat fruit” (trade “but” for “butt”). It’s a case of google stemming I think.
Anyway, I’d wager a bucket of tomatoes that the post was:

“Fruit Consumption May Ease Joint Pain | Healthy Living”

~ Steve, aka “trade show booths” and amateur sleuth


5 Anna

Hi Will. That is funny, you really have great ideas how to entertain your visitors. BTW thanks for recent visit to my blog. I am not that fast as I used to be, lol. Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..Moments of Happiness and Moments of Sadness


6 Will

Hi Anna – It is nice to see you here again. I was afraid you were going to let Bob catch up to you. Before you know it, Matthew will have his own blog and you will be looking over his shoulder trying to see what he is up to!


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