Sunday Search of the Week 9-06-2008


This week’s unusual search phrase is: “toilet retrieve compact fluorescent”.

If you have young, curious, children, who might be bored, be careful about giving them unsupervised access to the toilet.

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Will Sig
1 Anna

….yeah you will laugh on this one – a month ago my brother plugged my parents toilet with potatoes, lol, no idea how, and he is 27, lol. I think he was trying to grow some worms for his aruana fish, but how they ended up in the toilet, never asked, lol. Cool search as always. Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..Moments of Happiness and Moments of Sadness


2 steve

hi Will,
Another classic search phrase. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you make these up, but I know you don’t. It reminds me of the funny things kids sometimes say… you just can’t make it up.
Anyway, do any of your posts offer advice on how to get a lightbulb out of the toilet, assuming that’s what the searcher was looking for? I googled “toilet retrieve compact fluorescent” and only found this post, not any others.
Hope it all worked out in the end.
~ Steve


3 Will

You know this site does not get ton of traffic compared to some. But every day there are several hundred unique visits, some days over a thousand. Last time I looked about 60% of that traffic comes from search engines. I don’t see all the search phases, but I do try to check every day. Most days I see nothing that is good enough for this post. Some days there will be 2 or 3 possibilities. I save them all in a big file and just pick one each weekend.

The other point about doing the search and not finding a post on this site is something I asked about a while ago because I don’t usually see this site on the first page, at least when I try the searches. Someone with a lot more knowledge than me about search engines explained that time of day, geographical location, which search engine is used, and a few other factors I don’t remember, all influence results. So you and someone in Japan could do the exact same search within minutes of each other and get different results.

It is fun though. I can’t wait until the inevitable day that someone does a search related to “my brother plugged my parents toilet with potatoes” and, because of Anna’s comment above, finds this post on the first page of their search results.

on edit: I am always amazed at how much Google seems to like this site or something and how quickly things here get indexed. I just did a search for “plugged my parents toilet with potatoes” and got 2 results. Both were this site. This post, and the home page which was displaying Anna’s recent comment.


4 Andrew Flusche

I wonder if the toilet is a good way to dispose of compact fluorescent bulbs. Maybe we shouldn’t worry about retrieving them. 😉


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