Sunday Search of the Week 9-19-2010


This week’s search, “weird gopher traps” made me wonder about Steve and his gopher problems.  I have written about my frustrations with these devils and my recent success trapping the elusive pocket gopher.  Steve ordered and tried these traps also but we have not yet heard if they worked for him as they did for me.  Steve?

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Will Sig
1 Tony

I still can’t imagine trapping these cute little critters….


2 Will

Hi Tony – Isabel can’t either. Did you see her comment on this post?


3 Steve

Hey Will,
That is a “weird” search. 🙂
I did get the (mole size) traps and I think they are the best design I’ve seen yet.
When I dug out a piece of lawn to set them, I found three tunnels (2 traps) and the tunnels were very small (smaller than usual). So I had to hollow out two tunnels a bit to get the traps in. I wasn’t very confident in my placement. The next morning I had caught “dirt” with one, and the other was tripped with nothing. Maybe the first one set it off? In any event, I reset the traps, but nothing happened for a week, and I haven’t seen a sign of the gopher since. So either the trap wounded him or scared him away, so I guess it worked. I’ll let you know if I need to use it again, though hopefully I won’t, at least this year… Steve
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4 Will

Hi Steve, yes you need to widen the hole a bit sometimes. You also need to make sure that there is room for the release lever to swing freely when tripped. Otherwise it gives the gopher time to pull back. Also get the trap as far into the tunnel as possible. You want the gopher to try to push the dirt PAST the trap. If they only feel the need to get the dirt to where the trap is, they won’t be in the correct place if they do trip it.


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