Sunday Search of the Week 9-21-2008


This week’s search is: “is there a person in the world who does not drink soda”.

I can say I don’t.  But I have in the past.  This would be a real interesting question to know the answer to if worded more specifically.  Like “is there a person who is over 25 years of age and lives in a developed country and has NEVER had a soda?”  Now that person may not exist!

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Will Sig
1 Andrew Flusche

Wow. I certainly wouldn’t fit into any of these categories. I’m more like “a guy over 25 in a developed country that drinks more than one soda per day”. Sadly, I’m sure there are lots of people in that group. Now I’m thirsty for another soda. 🙂


2 steve

hi Will,
While usually I like these posts because they make me laugh, I like this one because it makes me think. I, like you, don’t drink soda. But I did have a year or two (a long time ago) where I had a Snapple habit (when it first came out), which lasted until I found out a bottle has like 400 calories (?) I think, and then I switched to Diet Coke for about a year, then kicked that habit.
Anyway, it is an interesting question if there is a person that has had easy access to soda that has never, ever, in their life tried it. Hmmmm…. Steve


3 Anna

Me too, no soda for me, I actually don’t like it anymore. Interesting search, Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..The Chilling Gorilla In The Sky


4 would like to be anonymous

Found this doing a search for “never had a soda.” Don’t know what made me think of this today, just one of those days where I wonder if there’s anyone else out there with my particular quirk. I don’t quite meet your requirements, but I’m pretty darn close. I’m a few weeks away from turning 25 and I’ve never, ever in my life, had a soda. Grew up in a big city in the USA, lived here all my life. My family drinks soda and juice and always encouraged me to do so, as well. But ever since I was born (I’m relying on my Mom’s memory for everything before age 4 or so), everything other than water and milk has just completely repulsed me. I love fruit, but fruit juice makes me want to gag. And soda is by far the worst. Can’t stand the smell and the idea of carbonation is horrible. So for almost 25 years (with no plans to change), it’s been nothing but water and occasionally milk (mostly with cereal). That’s it. No alcohol. No nothing. (I should mention that for some reason, I also like hot chocolate. The lone exception.) I’ve taken an accidental sip of sprite maybe 3 times in my life. And once, just to appease someone, I tried (with a spoon) a few drops of soda. I think it was Coke. All horrible. Accidentally had carbonated water a few times. Hated that too. I’m just a water-only girl (who sometimes drinks milk and hot chocolate).

So there you are! I hope to have satisfied your curiosity. Maybe mine will be satisfied too and I can find someone else out there who has had a similar experience. I know it’s completely weird (believe me), but there’s got to be someone else out there. Anybody??


5 Will

Nothing weird about you, unusual maybe, but in a good way! I bet there are not too many others. I guess it is something that can’t be proven, but if it could I think you could get a booking on Oprah. But what do I know, I am probably the only person in Oregon who has never watched Oprah.


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