The Carb Debate is Here Again

by updated 2012/07/07

Several years ago dietary carbohydrates were found in several studies to be a big contributor to long term weight gain.  Low carb diets were all the rage.  Over time the fanfare over low carb eating died down but many people still adhered, feeling that it was working for them.  After a few years of being relegated to the back burner, carbs are back up front in a big way.  In a study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that people who consumed a low carb diet lost weight faster and kept the weight off longer than those on a low-fat diet.

After the publicity years ago that prompted so many to drop carbs in favor of a more fatty, high protein diet, additional studies seemed to show the whole carbs are bad for you thing was not necessarily what it seemed.  Many people felt that dropping carbs for high protein fats was a big mistake.  Then research started to show that there really are good fats vs. bad fats and that a low carb diet that made use of these good fats was maybe the best way to go.

No matter how many times it happens this “good for you, bad for you” diet debate never ceases to frustrate me.  Coffee is another one that seems to swing back and forth from good to bad several times a year.  The most worrisome one for me is the big idea now that whole grains are bad for you.  A big part of my diet is whole wheat, brown rice, nuts, and seeds.  It’s what I like, but research now seems to show whole grains might be bad for you.  Hope that one changes back real soon. I think the main positive change that can be made is still to cut out all highly processed food and soda. Do that and all the rest may not really matter.

The recently revived focus on dietary carbs got a big boost from NPR when the program On Point ran a show titled New Research On Carbs.

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