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If anyone read the recent post on The Root Canal Diet the bad news, at least for me, is that problems continue.  It is very frustrating as I have quite good teeth overall but just can’t seem to get rid of this toothache.  Actually that may be a bad choice of words as getting rid of the tooth may be the only solution.  What has happened is this…

A couple days after the root canal was finished, I felt great.  It seemed that the procedure had worked and all the pain was gone.  Unfortunately 5 or 6 days later the pain returned and, even though I thought it impossible, quickly got worse than before.  I was on the last couple of days of a vacation when it came back.  I not only am in almost unbearable pain, my neck and the gum around my tooth swelled up terribly and I have a fever, chills, and a completely numb lower lip and chin.  Lots of fun!

Now my thought is that the root canal did nothing to fix the problem.  I am thinking that because I had been on a seek of antibiotics between the two days of working on the root canal, it was the antibiotics that fixed the problem.  I probably was not given a long enough period of the antibiotics so the infection grew back.  I have been pretty much out of commission because of this 4 out of the last 5 weeks and it is getting to a point of frustration I thought not possible.

I started today on another week of antibiotics and will probably try to get a refill to go a 2nd week.  I am thinking that it is the crack in the tooth that is causing all this misery.  The dentist found the crack when he first started the work, but thought that perhaps with a root canal and a crown, the tooth could be saved.  He did warn me that there were no guarantees and that eventually the tooth might have to come out anyway.  The crown has not been done yet and obviously won’t be until I am sure this cycle of infection and pain it cured!  If I have to have the tooth removed, I guess I can take some comfort that it is the farthest back molar.  It won’t cause any cosmetic problems but I wonder what it will be like chewing on that side?

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