The High Price of Quality Beef

by updated 2011/03/19

Cute CowsI eat a pretty healthy diet, usually choosing the best options even when they are more expensive. But with beef, etc. often we simply can not afford the price. Actually when I look at photos like the one to the left, I question why I eat beef at all.  But, at one of our local markets it here, the price of the same cut was like this: Regular, feedlot, mass produced was about $5.00 lb.  Organic, grass fed was about $16.00 lb. Fortunately I don’t eat a lot of meat so I don’t loose sleep over not being able to afford the grass fed beef.  I recently noticed the store no longer carries the grass fed because “it didn’t sell”. Discouraging, but the same thing happened a while ago at a local outlet of a big chain grocery.  This store actually has a good selection of organic or healthier products, even setting aside several entire cooler and freezer cases for dairy and other perishables.  But they also could not keep the unfrozen grass fed beef since at many times the price of feedlot beef, it simply did not sell.  I asked about bringing in frozen cuts, but they said that would just sit and take up freezer space.  I suspect the stores looked at it as a specialty item and marked it up accordingly, but they deny this, saying that their cost was that high.  Too bad as I bet it would have sold at 7 or 8 dollars per lb.

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