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I just read an article that listed all the latest food trends, not just food being eaten, but trends in using food for any health purpose.  This is a annual topic the media covers and usually the bulk of the trends are amusing, odd, or surprising.  This year things are apparently different.  Gone are the miracle uses of food like results obtained from using avocado as a hair treatment after washing. (That one forever seemed tame to me after reading about all the people who were smearing bull semen in their hair!)  No olive oil and salt pastes for your face this year either.  No recommendation to drink 10 cups of green tea every day or drink a daily 32 oz green shake.  No Yerba Mate, Cocoa Nibs, “Ugli” Fruit, pickled snake head fish, Quorn, or burdock on this list.

I mean what normal person likes burdock anyway?  I don’t care how healthy it is, burdock is the favorite food of the lovely Ghost Moth larvae.  That tells me all I need to know about whether its health benefits are worth the swallowing effort.  So let’s dispense with the suspense, what is on this year’s list?

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This year’s big food trend is… Food. Normal, real, food.          

Well as my daughter used to say… “Duh… double duh”.

The latest food trends on this year’s list include yogurt, fruits and vegetables, organic meat and dairy, minimally processed baby food, granola, wild salmon and other types of non-polluted fish, nuts, and raw milk.  The biggest responses people gave when asked what food changes they had made in the past year were along the line of “eating less processed food” and “eating more ‘real’ food”.

Maybe we are making progress.

Will Sig

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