The Stealthy Oriole


Photo by Kevin Cole

For years I would occasionally see what I thought were orioles as I was out in our garden.  I often wondered why I never saw them at the feeders outside our kitchen window where I could get a close up look at them.  Last year I found out why.  The oriole is a nectar eating bird, not a seed eater.  I discovered if I put a large hummingbird feeder up with dollops of jelly on the top, the orioles would come to visit.  I have tried to get a photo of them at the feeder, but they must be the most skittish bird on earth!  Every time we make the slightest movement inside the kitchen window, they fly away.

So, being unable to get a photo of our orioles, included here is a nice photo taken by a guy who has lots of bird photos on his Flicker stream. (click the photo to check them out.)  Also here are a couple of links that show the Bullock’s Oriole that nests here. A very beautiful bird!

Bullock’s Oriole

Google Images of Bullock’s Orioles

And here is a link to the sound of the Bullock Oriole.

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Will Sig
1 RK Henderson

Thanks for the tip, Will! Big oriole fan here, too. Where I live they’re very elusive, rather glimpsed, but they have that incredible song that you hear clear and strong from trees well distant. I’ll try the jelly trick; I hear them around my house, but never see them.


Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit
RK Henderson recently posted..Street Level Zen: StepmothersMy Profile


2 Sigrid

Such a beautiful bird! I’ve always wondered how nature has painted these breathtaking creatures. Thanks for sharing this nice shot of this bird, I’ve also checked the guy’s photostream and there are a lot of wonderful images.
Sigrid recently posted..Tolle Speisen, gesundes LebenMy Profile


3 Binky

Beautiful looking bird!
Binky recently posted..Poor SoulsMy Profile


4 Charlie

Maybe you should use a camera with remote control capability. That will be a sneaky way to take a photo of the orioles.


5 Rob

Our own golden oriole is a rare visitor to these shores, but can be seen at the nature reserve near to the USAF base at Lakenheath, Sussex, England. Its call is a rare one too, rich fluting notes that would be more at home deep in a rain forest. I’ve heard ’em – but never had the chance to see them.


6 Trevor Martin

This is such a beautiful looking bird.
I loved your article .
Thanks for sharing.



7 LadyofCanyons

I find them elusive but I hear them all the time. I didn’t know they like jelly. I am fortunate to live beside a river which has many winged creatures I do enjoy observing and trying to mimick various bird sounds. I recognised the Oriole sounds when I clicked onto your link, thanks for sharing!!!
LadyofCanyons recently posted..Thoughts on Words and PrasesMy Profile


8 Tony McGurk

Stunning colours Will. I don’t need to Google them now. I clicked through from your next post & here’s a photo.
Tony McGurk recently posted..New Directions #5 – Moving HomeMy Profile


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