The Svalbard Global Seed Vault


800px-aristolochia_clematitis_reduced   In the far northern reaches of Europe on a Norwegian island, is what many hope will save the genetic diversity of plant life throughout the world.  Opened last year and deemed the “ultimate safety net for the world’s most important natural resource”, and backing up individual nation’s seed banks. it is intended as a second line of defense in preserving the genetic diversity of plant life world wide.  The idea is that in case of a natural or man-made disaster, seeds stored here will be safe and can be used to repopulate plant species after such an event.  Recently these vaults have become seen as a defense against the widening use of genetically modified seeds.  As genetically modified seeds gain acceptance in spite of the concerns many of us have, someday we may be fortunate to have a natural stock seeds stored at Svalbard.

You can visit the Svalbard website here or read some of the recent news stories at this link.

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