This Sunday’s Search – Me or Will Taft?


I noticed the past couple of weeks many searchers landing here while searching for Will Taft and something to do with football.  They always seem to end up on this interesting post about Fair Trade Sports, but I did not think that was what they were searching for.  So I did a little research and it seems there is some guy named Will Taft who is a big deal college football player or something.  As you can see from the first link above, he gets the first Google result, but I get the next three!

Still, his football exploits at Bates College seem to be hijacking my Google placement a bit so I can’t wait until he graduates from college and fades into obscurity…. Wait.  He’s not good enough to make the NFL is he?

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Will Sig
1 Tony McGurk

Hope he fails for the sake of your Google ranking Will Ha Ha…
I just Googled myself out of curiosity & this one came up first, another footballer.


2 Will

I think you mean he is a soccer player? 😉


3 Robin Henderson

I get the same thing with my “Hermitcraft” post series. Turns out there’s a video game called that. I feel sorry for these poor kids who drop in hoping to find a list of cheats, and all they get is a bread recipe.

PS: I haven’t yet thanked you for having the click box instead of that annoying “capcha,” Will. (Everything’s annoying about that, starting with the name.) If I could do that on my own blog, I would.


Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit.
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4 Lyka Ricks

Common Names are blessings in disguise and some are coincidental. It has advantages and disadvantages, gladly you turned to be that Popular and Good for you!
Lyka Ricks recently posted..Why Do English Lawyers wear Wigs?My Profile


5 Mozi Esmé

And now search result #2 is this post itself… 🙂 You gotta love SEO.
Mozi Esmé recently posted..Review: My First Hands-On BibleMy Profile


6 Will

That’s too funny. He is still number one in the list, but like you say this post has taken the #2 position. There are still 3 results in a row for this site, so to put this one in the number 2 position, Google moved one of the other results out. Interesting that their programming does that. I suspect the way it works is so complicated that its pretty much impossible to understand completely. The result for this post has a summary that will probably entice some of the searchers for the football player to click on over and read. Bet all you commentators were not thinking you would have football fans reading your comments when you left them. Lots of fun this stuff is sometimes!


7 Binky

Well at least you’ve secured “”. Maybe one day you can sell it to him for a few million.
Binky recently posted..Halloween 2011 with the WombiesMy Profile


8 Will

You think? Maybe I should be rooting for him to succeed!


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