This Year’s Tree Is a Classic


   Every year we drive up a gravel Forest Service road as far as we can to cut down our Christmas tree.  It is not only fun to get your tree this way, but inexpensive.  A permit for any size tree is $5.00, plus the cost of gas to get up there.   We usually get between 8 and 12 miles up the road before the snow gets so deep we need to stop.  Then we head off into the forest looking for the “perfect” tree.  The species of trees available at these locations of about 5 or 6 thousand feet are Douglas Fir and a variety of different Pines.  Although we always are happy with the tree we get, they are not usually what you would call the “classic” Christmas tree.  This year was different.

Because the snow held off even at the higher elevations until just recently, we were able to get up to over 7.000 feet before we stopped to look for a tree.  At this elevation different species grow, but we were after one of two types of fir, Silver Tip and Shasta Red Fir.  The Silver Tips we found were amazing in how perfect the branches were.  Perfectly and evenly spaced around the trunk, they look just like a Christmas tree is supposed to look.  I don’t think my photo above really does the tree justice, but take my word for it; it is perfect, classic proportions and about 8-1/2 feet tall.

Next year we may have to go earlier than our traditional day after Thanksgiving if we want to find the same type of tree as usually they are well above the snow line by then.  It is fun to be in the snow when on this outing, but usually that snow stops us before we can get up to the level where the Firs grow.

If you get a Christmas tree, are you able to make it an outing to the woods or to a tree farm to cut your own?  Or are you happy with the selection at a local tree lot.  I know the trees at the lots are often perfectly proportioned.  But they can get a bit pricey and the fun of heading up to the mountains is a big part of it for us.

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Will Sig
1 Steve

hi Will,
Your Christmas tree is indeed a classic. I like the idea of going out into the woods and finding a tree, but it’s not an option around here. I’m surprised the Forest Service only charges $5 for the tree permit, and nothing for the tree. What a deal! Do you know if they replant?
How does your tree smell? We always have real trees, and I love the tree smell in the house, though this year our wreaths on the front door smell more that our Christmas tree! I could never go with an artificial tree unless I had a can of “Christmas tree smell” to spray every day. 🙂
~ Steve, aka the trade show guru

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2 Swubird

Well, about three years ago we switched to an artificial tree. Christmas trees were just getting too expensive.

Merry Christmas.

Happy trails.

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3 Acai Berry Supreme

Now that is what I call a Christmas tree. I really like it.

Merry Christmas!


4 Will

The Forest Service charges only for the permit. They do have rules about where you can cut the tree. How close it is to other trees, etc. But the reality is that here in Oregon, at least, there are so many trees and so few people in the woods that the impact on the forest of Christmas tree cutting is non-existent.


5 Anna

Hey Will, this is a perfect Christmas Tree, and yes I can see it perfectly. So nicely decoreated.

We have fake one we bought 10 years ago, but it looks like real, so every year we want to go out and get a fresh one, we change our minds, just because this tree is our first tree, and we have personal attachment going on.

Will I know you thanking me for all the contributions. But I have to thank you too, you have been an excellent commentator on my blogs (see you have to keep up with 2, lol). Your visits were and will be very much appreciated always.

Again, thank you so much, and I am looking forward to many of your posts in upcoming year 2009, and probably still some in 2008.

Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and for you my blogging virtual friend happy and healthy blogging.

Anna 🙂

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6 Will

Thank you very much Anna! 🙂


7 Atniz

It looks great. I’m sure there are reason of why Christmas trees getting more expensive.


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