Three Ways to Improve Your Health


Just one word, so long ago, but so much to say.  Number three on my list may surprise you, but, at least in the modern, industrial world, it deserves its place of honor.Alexander_Parkes_Blue_Plaque_reduced

Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Benjamin: Yes, sir.
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
Benjamin: Yes, I am.
Mr. McGuire: Plastics.

Plastics.  Plastics and their insidious chemicals that mimic human hormones, line the inside of baby formula cans, leach from our water bottles and off-gas from our non-stick cookware.  I have written so many times about all these problems and more and I continue to get comments and email from people who will have none of it.  Of course I am not a scientist or medical doctor, but I do read a lot and listen to interviews with doctors and researchers that are experts on the dangers of plastics.  This is one topic where I really feel there are only two competing scenarios.  The first involves people who are well informed and do understand that we should be concerned and that we should limit our exposure in as many ways as we can.  The second involves people, who like the unfairly accused proverbial ostrich, have their head in the sand.

I plan to write a few posts specifically detailing some of the recent research that shows the health problems that are being attributed to our persistent exposure to the chemical plasticizers found everywhere in our lives.  Of course we can not eliminate our use of plastic.  And in fact it admittedly may be the single most important contributor to many of the technological advances made since 1967, but we still need to be aware and careful in our use and exposure.  I was asked recently what I thought were the most important things a person could do to improve their health.  My opinion is the three most important are:

1. If you smoke, stop.  Today. For good.  If you don’t smoke, never start.

2. If you drink soda, stop or at least reduce to only a few per month.

3. Limit in any way you can your exposure to the chemicals in plastics

I am not a health expert, but I am convinced these three pieces of advice are the most important by far.  Number one is a no brainer.  Number two is less well known, but at the same time proven to be almost as important as number one.  Number three still only has a few people like me shouting out the warnings.  But it is gaining in publicity and you will hear more about the dangers as time goes on.  I really believe looking back years from now, the damage caused to human health by plastics will be as well known as the benefits gained by the rapid acceptance of plastics into our daily lives.

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Will Sig
1 Jim Clary

I look forward to reading your posts on the dangers of plastics. I have heard about the chemicals released by reheating foods in some plastics, but not much else.
.-= Jim Clary´s last blog ..Why Do You Need To Lose Weight? =-.


2 Jim Clary

This is completely off topic but I hope it will get approved.

Help raise money for cancer research, read my last blog post to find out how.
.-= Jim Clary´s last blog ..Help Drew Carey support cancer =-.


3 Anna

Hey Will, thanks for excellent recommendations. If comes to smoking, I think I am allergic to the second hand smoke, I can smell it from miles, never mind, I can sometimes smell in the house when people smoke outside. I hope smoking will be illegal one day, it is starting to be in Canada in many places.

If comes to soda, it is too sweet for me, and I stopped drinking long long time ago, may be 15 years. It always surprises me how much shoppers fill up their shopping cards with this ‘useless’ drink when it comes on sale.

Lastly you got it all right about plastics. I really think the same. Since Matthew was born, I had really converted to glass – even when I freeze stuff I put in glass too.

Excellent post Will again, lots of good points.

Anna 🙂
.-= Anna´s last blog ..Digital Postcard Series: The Ultimate Fun of the Autumn – My Memories & Now His Fun =-.


4 Will

Hi Anna! Thanks. I use glass canning jars to freeze my pesto, dried tomatoes, and tomato sauce. Not only better than plastic health-wise, but they pack into the freezer better. This time of year the extra freezer is so full I am thankful it is on a concrete slab, not in the house on the wood framed floor. If it was inside, I think it would now be in the under the house and I would have a freezer sized hole in the floor!


5 Steve

hi Will,
I was going to guess the answer was broccoli, broccoli, and broccoli. 🙂
But perhaps I am too partial to the health benefits of that particular veggie? Anyway, I agree, thought being indecisive, I would probably have to make it a top 10 list and include exercise, reducing stress (very important), and a Mediterranean diet. 🙂 ~ Steve, the broccoli-loving-trade-show-guru
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Are Trade Shows Obsolete? =-.


6 Keith

Those are pretty much my top three also, Will.

I am a pharmacist and I am still amazed at the people treated for “asthma” and other chronic ling diseases who smoke. They do not have asthma, they have cigarette addiction. Most of their lung and heart related issues would vanish, though not overnight, if they would only quit. Today. Right now. The best thing that ever happened to me,in that regard, was getting double pneumonia and pleurisy within a year of starting smoking. I HAD to quit. It was still easy to quit at that point.

as for number 2,my kids, colleagues and fiancee all look at me like I have two heads when I tell them soft drinks are poison. Just because it doesn’t kill you right away doesn’t mean it isn’t poison. Even if it tasted good (it doesn’t) It will still make you sick. Ladies, it will strip the minerals out of your bones. That’s called osteoporosis.

We need more education on number 3. We need to know if there are “safe” plastics to store and serve our food and drink in. You know, people used to eat and drink using lead based plates and cups. And that wasn’t oh so long ago. Turns out lead wasn’t the best thing to use, either.

It’s really good to see someone talking about these issues.


7 Anna

Hey Will, you know mine is the same, and I am glad that I keep it in the basement, lol. We got freezer this year, and I already filled it up. Anna 🙂
.-= Anna´s last blog ..A Bit of Knowledge: Children’s Photography =-.


8 Will

Hi Anna and Keith! Just seeing your comments now. This week includes work and all the other daily stuff, plus jury duty, a need to replace the old computer and much else, so I am not writing as much as I would like. I agree with you all the way Keith. Hopefully you will have some insight into a couple of posts on plastic I am working on. Remarkable how bad the stuff is when you really look into it. But as you hint at the way you use, or don’t use it is as important as its chemical makeup.


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