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Full MoonHow many of you have ever received that email that claims: “Planet Mars will be the brightest object in the night sky this month. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye.”  There are many variations of this email and some make even more spectacular claims about the supposed close encounter with the Red Planet.  All are false of course, but as it is human nature to be gullible, the emails circulate to this day.

Tonight is different however!  Tonight is the night of the Super Moon!  Because the moon happens to be at its closest point to earth just as the full moon rises tonight at 8:35 pm pst, it will be almost 15% larger than a normal full moon.  It will be 30% brighter than a full moon is when the moon is at its furthest point from earth.  So if you can, watch the moon rise tonight and be prepared to be impressed… or not.  I personally don’t think a 14% difference in size will be noticeable but I plan to watch anyway.  Here at home the moon rises from behind some hills, over a large empty field, so the horizon effect is spectacular and impresses me under normal circumstances.  Tonight I expect to be almost 15% more impressed.

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Will Sig
1 colleen

I seem to recall a super moon last year. And I photographed it here:
Thanks for reminding me to look at the sky tonight. I’ve been so scattered today and needed the reminder.


2 RK Henderson

On night clam digs in October, the full moon is astounding, rising over my house on the ridge. It takes up half the sky. That horizon effect is something else.


Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit
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3 Sire

I would have loved to see the moon on this particular day as I reckon a 14% increase would have enabled me to get a better photo. So far the photos I’ve taken are lacking and perhaps all I need is this increase.

Too bad that I missed it 😀


4 Dave

We’ve been hearing a lot about this moon tonight and I watched with anticipation in New Zealand (where I live) as we were supposed to be in the best position to observe it. Unfortunately the horizon was covered in cloud. By the the time it rose above the cloud it just looked like a regular full moon.

I was a bit disappointed to say the least.


5 Jan

I’ve already been out to check it out as it is supposed to be the brightest in Australia at 10 pm and it is really stunning. It also may account for some of the crazy behaviour that has been going on for the past couple of weeks!


6 Tony McGurk

I’m going out for a look now if it ain’t cloudy.
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7 Will

Well it was perfectly clear here so I sat out in the back field a bit before moonrise to wait. It ended up rising way to the south of where it has in the past but it was beautiful. Not sure if I could notice it was larger but the horizon effect is always stunning. I got a bunch of photos and will see if any are any good and post them. I will make that post a slide show and will add any photos any of you took and would like to show us.


8 Tony McGurk

Drats… By the time I had a shower I completely forgot to go outside for a look at the moon. Will go out NOW…
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9 Tony McGurk

OK I’m back. No luck on the moon sighting. There’s a thick fog coming in & I can’t even see the sky
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10 John

Ah, we were looking forward to it but it rained all day and all night. Guess we needed that, too. It was still fairly impressive tonight, but not much more so than a typical full moon. Hope you had some good luck with those pictures! They’re tough to capture but awesome when they work out.
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11 Binky

Missed it Saturday, and Sunday it was cloudy. Same tonight. Dumb moon!
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12 LadyofCanyons

Looking forward to the “Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse”…I live close enough to the path way to get a good view in Southeastern Utah. Yay!!!
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