Turkey Time Again


   Here in the U.S. the majority of whole Turkeys are consumed from Thanksgiving through New Years.  I think the turkey gets prepared for Thanksgiving and is so good, people say, “why do we only do this once a year.  Then a few more turkeys are cooked over the holidays and by New Year, it does not seem like such a big treat.  I have written a few times about the Thanksgiving turkey.  Here is a post titled Try Organic, Free-Range Turkey For Thanksgiving and another discussing Some Reasons Organic Turkeys Cost More.

I also noticed that the website Animal Welfare Approved Food has a new column discussing heritage turkeys and offering to answer questions about them.  My first question would be “Who would pay $95.00 for their Thanksgiving turkey?”!!!  But there must be a market.  For our 3 or 4 turkeys I cook this time of year, I go with local, organic, birds offered for sale at some of the groceries here.  The price is much more reasonable and the turkey is always delicious.  Of course, like almost all products like this, the hurdle to reaching more consumers is the price.  The 16 pound turkey I pay $30.00 for is competing against the 16 pound conventional turkey priced at $15 or less.

This is one meal where the higher cost of the better food is worth it not only for all the usual reasons, but because the organic turkeys do taste noticeably better.

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Will Sig
1 Bob

Hey Will thanks to you I got a free-range Turkey, paid a lot for it but, hey it was Thanksgiving, and boy was it excellent.

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