Uninsured Often Punished by Death


Countries with universal healthcare

Countries with universal healthcare

On a health insurance theme, a study published in The Journal of Public Health quite a while ago and summarized by ABC, says that if you lack health insurance you are almost twice as likely to die as someone with health insurance coverage.  The ABC article online drew almost 200 comments but really highlights what many already believe.  If you lack health insurance, you are much more likely to suffer a bad outcome than your neighbor with health insurance.  I personally have know two people who made the choice to let their illness run its natural course and die rather than bankrupt their family for a 50% chance of survival.  One of them had no insurance, the other had insurance, but still felt his share of the cost of treatment was unaffordable.  There are some people that claim that easy access to health care actually increases the odds of death, but that is a hard pill to swallow.  Perhaps if you really take charge of your diet and lifestyle and stay away from hospitals, you will be more likely to live.  But for the majority of people who just go through life eating what they want and unconcerned with lifestyle, having access to health insurance does seem to predict a better outcome.

From the article:

After adjusting for factors such as obesity, exercise habits, alcohol use, and smoking status, researchers determined those without insurance were 40 percent more likely to die. The new finding suggests that being uninsured is more hazardous to the health than previously thought.  The Institute of Medicine has said that having insurance improves health because it allows people to get medical care when they need it, to have a regular source of care, and to have continuity of coverage.  Despite widespread acknowledgment that enacting universal coverage would be life saving, doing so remains politically thorny,” the study authors said.

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Will Sig
1 Dennis the Vizsla

Ha ha, look at all those silly grey third-world countries! Oh wait …
.-= Dennis the Vizsla´s last blog ..a skolarly treetis on miths abowt owter spayse =-.


2 Will

Funny Dennis – We should be embarrassed, but I guess a sense of humor helps a bit.


3 solarglobalgreen

Quality, affordable preventative care should be an American right. The numbers don’t lie.


4 Stephen Settle

I think it’s all on the government to provide us with basic health care needs.


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