Vitamin C + Fat = Cancer Risk, or Eat A Low Fat Diet


A recent study may explain why, although vitamin C kills cancer cells in the laboratory, evidence for the same result in humans has not been shown. Apparently, when vitamin C is combined with fat in the stomach, nitrites, chemicals present in many preserved food items, can be changed to cancerous agents called nitrosamines.

Just like the coffee is good for you, coffee is bad for you studies, results like this can leave people shaking their heads in confusion. Unfortunately, the news headlines are often used to justify not putting a lot of effort into eating a healthy diet since the “good for you” evidence keeps changing.

I know it does not sell as well, but a better headline for this story might be, “Another Reason to Eat a Low-fat Diet and Avoid Preserved Foods”. Get the bulk of your vitamins from a fresh, mostly plant-based, low-fat diet. I don’t think that has been shown to be a cancer risk… at least not yet!

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Hi Will, thanks for this educational post. It is good to know. I also have little story of mine, when I was being admitted to university one of my cousins said you will be drinking lot of coffee and stay up all night, and party on the weekends. So I listen to her advice, even though I had a choice (I didn’t party though) but I was ignorant and drank lots of coffee and was studying during night – I think you know what the answer will be – I didn’t do very well. I was smart to recognize that, and I switched to water, good sleep and I added martial arts to relief my stress lol, and I survived. Anna 🙂


2 Will

Yes, that caffeine can be a problem. One of my children said she sometimes has trouble sleeping. I reminder her that the energy drinks the kids like will do that to you!



3 Anna

Yes, this is my second post, right after the avacado, and yes all the things about me are in the form, I don’t have to retype. Nice, and been eating my vitamens C every day, and everything else that has C in it, since I am here, anna 🙂


4 Adelgazar

Wow didn´t know about that.
Now I´m confused, but it´s always like you said, coffee is bad, coffee is good, it all depends.


5 Elizabeth

Fat certainly can be very deadly even if it”s not combined with any other substance. Obesity can be the root cause for many many illnesses and diseases. Which is a huge list. People need to start thinking and stick to a healthy diet and exercise often to avoid suffering in the latter part of their adult lives.


6 Feel-Live

Recall how hydrogen peroxide is poured on wounds to kill germs. Well now researchers clearly show high-dose vitamin C, when administered intravenously, can increase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) levels within cancer cells and kills them. I.V. vitamin C was also demonstrated to kill germs and may be an effective therapy for infectious disease.


7 WordVixen

Don’t forget, though, that some vitamins are fat soluble. Some studies even show that if you don’t get enough cholesterol in your diet, that your body manufactures it itself (our brains are made of cholesterol- we actually need it to live). It’s funny, but even doing things in moderation has to be done in moderation. Too much of anything is still too much, and not enough is, well, not enough. It’s a hard balance to maintain.
.-= WordVixen´s last blog ..Lori’s 1 Day Diet =-.


8 Mike

Too little vitamin C in the blood stream has been found to correlate with increased body fat and waist measurements. Nutrition researchers from Arizona State University report that the amount of vitamin C in the blood stream is directly related to fat oxidation – the body’s ability to use fat as a fuel source – during both exercise and at rest.


9 Keith

IV C will definitely kill cancer cells, with no collateral damage to healthy cells. The only down side would be that your body has to process all waste from the cancer cells dying.
The real shame, and this should be criminal, is that many oncologists will not fool with that as a treatment because of the low profit margin.


10 Damien

Everything in moderation, eat healthy & exercise daily in some form & life is good. If you feel good you will be good.


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