Water Supply Worries Drive Purchase of Filter Systems


Made by Purest Filters I read that the purchase of water filters is up by a lot in the past year. Reports like the one last week about drugs in the water supply will probably push even more people to consider a purchase. Whole house filters are the thing right now.

There is an expressed concern about our intake of contaminants and chlorine from our water supplies. Water filters at the tap can remove the chemicals before we drink or cook with the water. However, only a small part of our exposure to anything that might be in tap water comes from drinking the water. For example, two thirds of our exposure to chlorine is due to inhalation of steam and absorption through the skin while showering. There are shower head water filters available, but you would need one on each shower and on the bath tap for any bubble baths you plan to take.

There are also the whole house filters. You need to install them on the main waterline of your house, but they are not too expensive. Amazon has them from $35 to $300. I don’t know how effective they are or if they are really even necessary. I have read reports that the effectiveness of filters is rated when they are new and that almost immediately upon use, the effectiveness begins to decline. The makers and sellers of filters will tell all kinds of stories to support their sales. On the other hand, some of the reports I have read claim filters are unnecessary and, in real life installations, not as effective as claimed. Some of those articles, however seem to be written by people with a history of bias against claims of water dangers. Who knows what the truth is? Probably like in most things, the truth is somewhere in the middle. I do know that there are lots of very healthy elderly people who have been drinking and showering in unfiltered water for a long time. Many of them have also spent a good amount of time in highly chlorinated swimming pools.

Getting back to drinking water, you might think it safer to drink bottled water. Even if you discount the warnings about absorbing chemicals from plastic bottles, you might want to think twice. It is surprising how much less regulated bottled water is than tap water. Some studies have shown bottled water to be less reliably clean than tap water. It can be difficult to know exactly what you are getting in that bottle.

I think this subject is another one that leads back to the recommendation to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. We should be realistic with our priorities and not stress out worrying about our tap water while consuming the U.S. average of 54 gallons of soda per person, per year. We should not worry about taking long hot showers while we continue to get our recommended daily amount of vegetables from eating french fries. Statistically, the effects of poor diet and lifestyle will probably get you long before your tap water does!

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Will Sig
1 Anna

Thanks Will for suggestions. I remember when first time we moved into our home, we had only well water, and it was really hard, all our toilets were stoned. I can see this causing lot of kidney stones problems later in life if drinking tap water. However, we never did, filtered or boiled. In Europe it is very common to have such hard water. But the system was upgraded and now we get part well part Lake Ontario water, but then, probably full of drugs that are not filtered. This kind of thought scares me, I am not even sure if boiling would eliminate the drugs. Thanks again for making us aware, I think this probably be something to consider soon. Anna 🙂


2 Will

Yeah Anna, it is hard to know what to think. So many old, healthy folks that have never used anything but unfiltered tap water. But then again, for most of their lives the water was probably pure. I know they did not test water years ago, but I bet the drugs are a fairly recent thing. I know all the human blood contamination by the by products of Teflon are more recent. Filters may not be a bad idea. I don’t use them yet, though.


3 Bob

Hey Will, we don’t consume a lot of water at out house, like you said moslty pop. At work we have all bottled water which I use to make coffee and just drink, you had mentioned before about the water absorbing chemicals from the plastic, that concerns me, I have goggled a lot about this and figure, again like you said our poor diet will get us before the water will, but every little bit of knowledge helps us to live a more healthy lifestyle.


4 Mike Touch

Is this not taking it a step too far?

We can’t live being so paranoid.

We’re more likely to die in a car crash so should we stop driving?

Ever little helps but I think we need to just get on with life instead of worrying so much!


5 Sid

I don’t know if you should look at old folks, if you want to know how to live a longer life. I know a few that smoked their whole lives and lived to be 90.

I doubt if the negative effect from bath water is that bad. However I think filtration of drinking water is a must.

Sids last blog post..Content internet filter software – censorware


6 Jay

Hey Will. The model we got lasts 3 years and is Underwriters Laboratories approved. They actually test it at the end of its useful life. So we can be assured of good water.


7 Laila Keirstead

I know there are all these warnings about chemicals absorbing into the water and other things, but we have been drinking water from bottles for years. If it was really harmful, it would be taken out completely. It may not be the best for us, but if it doesn’t do any damage to us, we shouldn’t worry as much. I am more worried for the water supply as a whole and making sure it is purified. I think we need to work on having a better water system that filters out these chemicals.


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