Water Wars and Pharmaceutical Waste – Again


People getting drinking water from a cisternRecently several news stories got me wondering again why it is that so many problems get discussed, then forgotten, then discussed again, then ignored, and so on with nothing ever happening to address or fix the issue.  I think the two recent examples caught my attention because they were both things I have written about in the past.  By no means am I the only one that has raised these specific concerns so the people responsible for the recent stories have no excuse for acting like they were breaking news.  I suppose it could be looked at that any publicity is better than none, but at what point will we as a society stop talking and actually get something done?

The first example was a one hour program on NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show that talked about how water will be in short supply in the future.  Now Diane Rehm is a great, one of the best actually, talk show hosts.  But sometimes I wonder if her producers research what has already been said and written about the topics they pick for their shows.  Often it seems like the host believes that their topic is being discussed for the first time.  At one point during the show on water shortages, Ms. Rehm asked the guest something along the lines of “will water be the next oil’?  Where have we heard that before?  Yes, there and in many other places as well.

The next example is less specific, but no less frustrating.  Several articles recently in large news outlets have talked about the problem of pharmaceuticals in much of the world’s A decorative toiletdrinking water.  Again, many of these addressed the issue like it was breaking news.  Now of course it isn’t, but I guess these writers need to feel they are on the cutting edge of their profession or something rather than pointing out themselves that they are raising old news and that it might be time to stop talking and start doing something.  There is no way that people taking medicine are going to stop using toilets so can it really be that hard to start filtering out these drugs from the water supply.  It could be done either or both at the waste treatment side and the drinking water purification side of the supply line.

I have always been a person who, (naively?), thinks that problems should just be identified and solved without the endless years of talk and do nothing grandstanding.  I probably would have been a terrible politician eh?  On the other hand maybe what we need is a Congress full of problem solvers… and a lot leaner on the preening peacocks!

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Will Sig
1 Dennis the Vizsla

Good post! Unfortunately the peacocks are the ones who get all the donations, that’s why Congress is full of them. It’s the same reason that they have an enormous enclosure at the zoo for a couple of pandas who mostly just sleep all the time.
.-= Dennis the Vizsla´s last blog ..Mooooooommmmmmm!!! =-.


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