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Cheminer Will's Logo and ProfileRecently a few people have contacted me to ask about geocaching and the link in the right sidebar. So here is an update of an old post explaining a bit of what I love about geocaching. As it is said on the official Geocaching Website, geocaching is the sport where “you are the search engine”. If you like the excitement of a hunt for hidden treasure, the challenge of solving a puzzle, and the camaraderie of like minded people, geocaching may be for you. If you travel, geocaching and secondarily  waymarking, can help you discover the local treasures of your destination. If like me you love a strenuous hike in the mountains, or if you are a city person who hikes miles around the urban landscape, geocaching has something for you. If you are into technology, we play the game with GPS receivers, computers, ceell phones, and handheld PDA’s. If technology is not your thing, all that is really needed is the GPS receiver and a connection to the internet. There have been many in-depth articles written about just what geocaching is, so I won’t redo that here, but following are a few of the things I like the most about this obsession, activity.

When traveling or camping, geocaching and waymarking often lead to discovery of places and things that otherwise never would have been found. This is a pursuit that seems to hold the same attraction for young children, teens, parents, and seniors. It is not unusual to see 3 or 4 generations out geocaching together. Geocachers also hold “event” caches, often a gathering at a local pizza restaurant or park. These gatherings are great fun with cachers of all ages in attendence. Even when we are at home, there are always new caches, both urban micros and larger traditional caches to be found. In fact, the main problem is finding the time to play the game as often as we would like.

Boxer Puppy at Geocache EventThere really is something for everyone in this activity. Many people just like to search out caches. Others like me, also love to hide them. It is great fun to read the logs of people who have spent the day hiking to find a couple of our hides. Some cachers plan elaborate events while others like to attend these events with the hope of finding a cuddly puppy!

Look into geocaching, but don’t say you were not warned that it can get addicting. Grab a friend to go with and maybe we’ll see you in the great outdoors, after I log the “First To Find”!

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Will Sig
1 Binky

Though I’ve never tried it, it sounds like a fun hobby. Everyone loves a treasure hunt, even if the reward isn’t millions.
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2 Will

Yeah the hunt is a big part of it. I usually leave stuff without taking, but the idea is to trade something when you find it and sign the log. Then you log your visit on the cache page online.


3 Tony McGurk

gathering at a local pizza restaurant …
Yep that’ll work for me Will


4 Anonymous

This is a great hobby for family togetherness. Like you said best, “It has a little bit of everything for everyone. I highly recommend you give this a go if you haven’t already.


5 Andrew George

Most people love geocaching for the adventures and experiences. However I and many others see that it is being destroyed by the amount of “plastic trash” out there. I’m trying to encourage people to put out higher quality caches. Check out what people in the worldwide survey that I conducted at: http://www.progeocaching.com


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