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Some is enough, however, when it comes to snow here in Southern Oregon this week. We have had snow, ice, freezing rain, and wind. I recently described where we live as near perfect in the winter because we can drive less than an hour to take part in winter activities, but don’t have to deal with the winter weather here on the valley floor. As this photo of our driveway shows, someone in the “Weather Control Center” must have been listening and thought it would be fun to play a little joke on us this week! Oh well, on to the green tea saga.

I have seen more and more stories in the past couple of years that tout the wondrous benefits of certain foods. Green tea is one of the best examples. There are not too many other things consumed by humans that have as many reported health benefits as Green Tea.

Drinking green tea is said to reduce the rates of prostate and breast cancers and lower the risk of esophageal cancer by as much sixty percent. Some research has concluded that one of the components of green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells in general. Other studies have indicated drinking green tea lowers total cholesterol levels, and improves the ratio of good HDL to bad LDL cholesterol. Research at The University of Geneva showed that green tea can also increase your metabolic rate, helping to burn the body’s stores of fat.

The list of powers attributed to green tea goes on and reading about them can lead you to believe it is a wonder brew indeed. The problem arises when you find out how much green tea people consumed to see these benefits. One study concluded that men who drank the equivalent of 10 cups of green tea per day stayed free of cancer for 3 years longer on average than men who consumed less than an average of 2 cups per day. The most common recommendation I see is to drink 4 to 5 cups per day.

I don’t know about you, but it is hard for me to read about all this without a sigh and a laugh. I love green tea. Except for the occasional cup of “Constant Comment”, it is the only tea I drink. The problem is that I drink a single mug, (probably about 2 cups), and not every day. In fact in the summer, I drink much less.

A green tea “extract” in pill form is now available, but there is some debate over whether the pills even contain the beneficial ingredients of green tea in the quantities claimed. Additionally some evidence shows that getting the supposed benefits of certain foods in pill form does not even approximate the benefits shown by eating the food itself. There are some other things going on when we eat the real food that don’t happen when we take the pill.

Here is what I think and what I do when it comes to consumption of liquids. I drink green tea when I feel like it. I have a mug of decaffeinated coffee when I feel like it. I occasionally drink fruit juices that do not contain the deadly High Fructose Corn Syrup. I drink water, but do my best to avoid water in plastic bottles. I sometimes have a beer or a glass of wine at dinner. I do not drink energy or “power” drinks. Perhaps most importantly, I do not drink soda.

In other words, I use common sense when it comes to hydrating my body and simple common sense should be the message. I think it goes a lot further than praising the latest wonder beverage in keeping yourself in good health. Unfortunately it does not make for as good a headline or TV news story, so sadly the hype of the latest miracle food goes on.

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Will Sig
1 sky

Namaste’ Will! since childhood I was in the kitchen making my own herbal remedies, hair rinses, face scrubs, taking wheat germ, lots of water, essential internal oils, yadda yadda and can attest to certain properties for choosing healthy things to drink/ eat, as part of my lifestyle, (Grew up in a health conscious home) at the same time they turn such things *like green tea* into SUPER cures. (I have every kind of tea under the sun here BTW including various green teas ;0) The latest as well is goji berry, in the health food stores, wow, you pay through the nose, yet a friend of mine he buys everything goji berry. I am talking hundreds worth of that stuff every month! GASP! He really bought into ALL the selling lines hook and sinker. A dear *older* friend of mine passed back in 99 of cancer she had drank green tea most of her life, yet still got cancer and did not survive physically. I choose to take everything I hear when it comes to the latest hype or continuing hype VERY carefully. I knew someone who lived to be in his 90’s, and his staple food was apple pie and ice cream as an adult. Being he grew up in a VERY poor era too, as a child he grew up eating very fatty things like pork fat to keep warm, and bacon/ eggs (staple foods every day )yet have known people who lived healthy lifestyles drop dead at 40 (go figure!) Had to laugh at the snow thing though, you ought to come up here the snow blower on the tractor has broken down numerous times already this winter, having to snow blow the one kilometer drive through the bush from the cabin, to the main back road off the property, that even the all wheel drive vehicles cannot maneuver off otherwise hahahaha, happened again just this week snowed in for three days till snow could be plowed down. Also you asked about the fear of Arctic wolves. My comment here is long enough, but please do look at my response on my site to you about that. You should find it enlightening. Metta.



2 Bob

You call that snow, I’ll show you snow,lol. Thanks for the informative post about green tea, never new anything about it till your post. I usually drink decafe coffee, I’m interested also about the fact you try to avoid water in plastic bottles.


3 Will

Hi Sky – You know how it is said that the best health choice you can make in life is one you don’t get to make. – Pick your parents well!

Both you and Bob know what real snow is! Here we make a big deal of it because we are spoiled. I can drive 30 minutes and be in 10 feet of snow-pack, but hardly ever have it here in the valley at our house.

Bob – Here is a link to an article I wrote about plastic in bottles and elsewhere. I use stainless steel water bottles and stainless, glass, or ceramic mugs for hot drinks.


4 JJ Loch

This winter country scene photo is sublime. I looove it. And I also drink green tea…have found white plum recently.

Love your blog and must visit you!!!

Hugs, JJ


5 Will

Hi JJ – Thanks! White plum tea?


6 A.

That is a marvellous photo of a snowy scene! I haven’t seen any snow here in the south of England for years, though we very unexpectedly had some heavy falls last year in France (all comparative – you probably wouldn’t think it heavy).


7 Will

You are right, it all depends on what you are used to. Here I play in 10 feet of snow quite often, but drive 30 to 60 minutes up in elevation to get to it. The valley where I live is only at 1,500 feet so gets snow only sticking for a short while a few times per year. If we get more than an inch or two at one time and it is still on the ground the next day, that is a big deal. This year we have had 3-6 inches 3 times so far, quite unusual, but pretty!


8 Anna

Hi Will, thanks for the info about the green tea. I really like green tea, but I drink in moderation, like everything else. Same no soda drinks in our house, actually we have some but they were intended for others. I guess we how a lot in common. Like Bob, I will follow your link and read about water in plastic bottles. However, to share a bit of information, I used to design molds for plastic PET bottles, and during processing a by-product is released that stays on the walls of the bottle, and with time it sweetens the water or other drinks. Apparently has effect on our health, but then what they said 10 years ago, may not hold true now. BTW your winter photo is just amazing, I like your drive way, very nice. Thanks for sharing. Anna 🙂

Aside, just doing follow up on your comment on my blog. I have 1280×768 screen resolution on my laptop, and when I maximize the IE window, all on the right side is pushed under your post, that is I cannot see it on the side, but I can see it below. I think you may want to reduce something on your blog. Hope it helps, let me know if you need further help. Anna 🙂


9 Will

That is strange that it happened at 1280 X 768 since it was fine at 1280 X 880. I have it working now down to 1024 X 768 so it should look good to everyone now. The only posts I have not been able to fix for less than 1280 X 880 are the Wordless Wednesday images. I’ll work some more on them tomorrow.

Let me know if you still see problems on posts other than Wordless Wednesday. I learned a lot about CSS and how it interacts with screen resolutions this afternoon. I’ll post on it tomorrow just in case it helps anyone else out.


10 Keith Dryla

I love that picture but I feel the cold brrr. I think if a person drank 10 cups per day they would never sleep. I think with that kind of insomnia they would welcome going out with cancer. I drink white tea now since I heard Dr Oz talk about it. I can’t taste the difference but supposed to be much less caffine.


11 Will

Hi Keith! Yes, 10 cups a day would be hard to stomach! Even if it was decaffeinated so they could sleep, you would have to make sure to drink it in early in the day. To late and your sleep would be interrupted by needing to get up once an hour to go to the bathroom!



12 Lorraine Bevere

Green tea is something that I have researched in some depth, from all my findings it is quite clearly of great benefit when it comes to our health. It must though be made quite clear that green tea is not a “cure all”, yes it is thought to be very powerful however it is important to look at other aspects of our lives icluding excercise and general diet..



13 Will

Hi Lorraine! A whole blog on tea. Wow! Have you also found that to get the benefits, you need to drink a lot of it?


14 green tea health benefits

I tend to get pretty wired when I drink the “5 cups a day” recommendation…

I don’t drink soda either, unless with tons of rum in it. Do you have any alternative recommendations? I’ve tried Vodka and Water (with lemon and lime wedges) but it’s not a very decent drink.


15 Will

If you mean recommendations for hydration, I would say stop the rum and vodka. Those tend to force water from the body, rather than hydrate.


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