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A recent article on homeschooling in our local paper touched on several areas of interest, but really did not get into the reasons families choose to homeschool. As I often get asked questions along this line, and as we were highlighted in the article, I thought I would provide some further thought and opinion on this. Although each family has their own number one reason for choosing homeschooling, near the top of the list often seems to be a general frustration with the public elementary schools. Even though there are many things affecting the quality of learning in elementary schools, crowded classrooms and over burdened teachers probably have the biggest impact.

We choose to homeschool because of many commonly cited reasons. These included classroom size, thinly stretched teachers and cuts to programs like music. As the years of homeschooling have progressed, we have also seen the benefits resulting from the individual learning environment homeschooling provides. In an ideal school classroom, each child would be challenged to progress at their optimal rate. Even with accelerated classes in some subject areas, this is difficult to achieve in the traditional classroom. It may actually be impossible in the current public school classroom that is often filled past capacity with students with capabilities spanning 3, or 4, grade levels. By homeschooling, a 10 year old can work at whatever level they need in each subject area. For one child, some of the appropriate subjects may be 7th grade math, 6th grade grammar, 4th grade history and 8th grade reading. This flexibility helps the child to enjoy learning with a sense of accomplishment and less boredom or frustration. We are also able to progress through a subject at a speed that assures as close to 100% comprehension as possible while at the same time allowing children to quickly get through areas that are easier for them. This provides for very effective learning.

My observations show me that most homeschooled students really understand the value of the education they get. In some traditional American classrooms, a child may have tremendous capabilities, but be held back by lack of motivation, boredom, or opportunity. When homeschooled, this student can be taught in a manner that allows for full and enthusiastic learning.

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Will Sig
1 Christine

Excellent article. I’m glad I ran across it!


2 Will

Thanks Christine! Did you look at the rest of the posts in this category? You have a lot of interesting writing on your site about your homeschooling experiences. I would be especially interested in you views on the high school question I get asked about all the time, and posted about yesterday.



3 chaosgone

This article also talks about reasons for homeschooling. Good job on taking care of your children’s education!


4 Will

Thanks for the link, chaosgone! There is quite the lengthy conversation going on over there.



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