Why I Don’t Use Plastic Water Bottles


Smart people use metal water bottles and you should too! Just kidding, but read this article for my view on how you can help your health and the health of the planet by making the switch from plastic to metal.

I went on a hike this past weekend and was asked the same question I received in an email a few weeks ago. The discussion on the hike was whether it was “safe” to drink water out of a plastic bottle. This came up because of the Sigg bottles I use for my water. The Sigg bottles are aluminum, but with a safe, water based epoxy coating that has been tested to not leach at all. I also use the slightly heavier stainless steel water bottles. I believe either of these are a better choice than plastic.

In the discussion of why I choose the metal bottles, I referred to my article indicating that we do need to be concerned about the effects long term exposure to chemicals in plastic may have on our health. What I was asked was, why I should worry about using plastic water bottles when I am unavoidably exposed to plastic from many other sources. One person on the hike even pointed out that many of the pipes that bring the tap water to my house are lined with plastic. While all that is true, I use non-plastic bottles simply because that is one exposure I can control. This is the same reason I do not cook in Teflon coated pans. In addition, by using a metal bottle, I feel I am making a small contribution to the reduction in overall use of petroleum based plastics. Your mileage may vary, make your own decision, but……

I feel strongly we should take a common sense, simple approach to our health. Control what we can without great inconvenience, and don’t lose sleep over the rest that we can’t control. If you take this approach to both your diet and your lifestyle, you may be surprised at all the positive changes you can make. If you figure that because you can’t control everything, there is no point in making healthy changes, then guess what…. the changes will be slow and difficult in coming.

So, try a stainless steel or Sigg water bottle. Not only do you avoid the immediate exposure to the chemicals from a cheap plastic bottle, you get a virtually indestructible water bottle that you can use over and over again.

And a big thank you to the people who purchased products from Amazon last month using either text or image links like the three for the bottles above or by using this link for anything else you might buy from Amazon. The price of your purchases are exactly the same for you, and Amazon pays me a tiny commission. Over the course of a year, if I am fortunate, I can earn back the cost of hosting and maintaining this site. It really is a painless contribution by you to help spread the “healthy living” message and I appreciate it very much!

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Will Sig
1 Michelle

Hi Will,

I, too, have stopped using plastic water bottles, and have stopped storing foods in plastic containers.

I understand that some plastic food storage containers now have built-in anti-bacterial stuff, and I don’t want that in my food, either.

Storing food in glass bowls or jars isn’t inconvenient, and I think they wash up better and easier than plastic anyway. I cook in glass pots and pans, too, and they are much easier to clean than metals.


2 Will

Wow, Michelle! I did not know anything about the antibacterial chemicals in plastic food storage containers. I’ll have to check that out. Has anyone seen advertisements for these?

Do you use glass on the stove top also, Michelle? I did not know there were glass pans that were safe to use on burners.


3 Michelle

Hi Will,

Supposedly, a company called The Sharper Image uses these anti-bacterial chemicals in their plastic food storage containers, but that is not speifically stated on their website. They just say that their “specially treated polypropylene containers” help retard spoilage. They call it their “Fresher Longer Miracle Food Storage” containers.

I posted a story about it a while ago…..this stuff is in the washing machines, clothing, food containers…quite a lot of things. 🙁 I put the link to my post on it….just click my name, and especially check out the third paragraph from the bottom of the story.

As for class cooking pots, Corning Glassworks makes them; they’re called Corning Visions cookware; there are small, medium and large pots with lids, a couple sizes of frying pans (the large one has a lid), and a 5-quart Dutch oven, all for stove-top use.

My set is amber color, but I think it comes in cranberry color, too. I use a lot of the other Corning ware on the stove as well. Anything Pyrex (also a Corning label) is save to use on the stove as well.

I’ve been using them for years, and I just love them. 🙂


4 Will

Aha! I have both Corning and Pyrex pots, but did not know they were gas burner safe. Thanks, I have just used them in the oven. I use stainless steel pots and pans on the surface now. It is good to know I can use the others if I need to.


5 Michelle


Stainless steel is good, but of course aluminum has been moved to the “do not use” list along with Teflon coated items.

I’m sure you know this, but for readers who may not, don’t put glass or ceramic cookware over the fire if they have just come from the refrigerator and are cold. Applying flame may make them crack or break.

Happy cooking! 🙂


6 sky

Namaste’ Will I just started buying these a bit ago so thank you for posting this GREAT post, I do a ton of hiking and biking. I do hope people follow the link to purchase them here if they haven’t, not to mention for those fashion conscious hahaha hey some people are, especially teens, they are funky looking to boot so you not only reduce water bottles being thrown into landfills due to becoming icky, you get something that looks really good ! YAY YAY for writing a blog about them. :0)



7 Glass Bottles

Great post, I agree the stainless steel bottles are awesome. I think they are even better than traditional plastic bottles, I find they keep my drink cooler for a longer period of time.


8 Alice Radio

i see. plastic things have harmful chemical stuff. it easily comes out after heating. so i totally agree with your view. but plastic bottles seem much cheaper. so..


9 sally justin

yeah, plastic water bottles may be cheaper, but you have to keep buying them so then that add up, so i would say to just buy a reusable water bottle and use it very day

sally justin


10 Michelle

Hi Alice,

Cheaper is relative when you are talking about spending a few dollars now for a stainless steel bottle as opposed to hundreds of dollars later on the cost of sick care when the toxic substances in the plastic causes illness.

Stainless can be inexpensive. I found one on sale for around $7 that holds 20 ounces.


11 Patrick

Plastics mess with hormones. Try also using a filter on your kitchen faucet to filter out the impurities.
.-= Patrick´s last blog ..Emergency Preparedness: Vital Emergency Supplies =-.


12 Plastic Bottles

I agree that we should definitely be taking a common sense approach when it comes to our health and the types of storage items we use. Very thought provoking article, thanks for sharing.


13 Aaliyah Yousaef

omg!! this doesn’t answere my question!! i want to know why it is better to buy this kinda of water bottle! doesnt it make the water tast funky? and why are they more then just plastic water bottles! and you can reuse plastic water bottles or you can recycle the plastic water bottles.


14 charles mcnider

I’m with you Will. So many people don’t know how dangerous some plastics can be. They just throw their bottles in the dishwasher and then guzzle down bpa water all day long. Stainless may be a little harder to clean, but it’s totally worth the effort in the long run.


15 cheri

Regarding Corning “Visions” cookware – I’m trying to find out what the black coating is composed of, on some of their cookware. Most of what I’ve found is totally clear, but there are some with a black coating on the inside bottom. Is it Teflon-based? I’ve tried to find a Corning web site or any other source besides anecdotal, but have not had luck. Do you know more about this?

Thanks for the info about stainless steel vs plastic water bottles. I do not use plastic for food storage (I use glass canning jars mostly) but had not yet learned about the antibacterial plastic containers! Good to know.

I’m with you – common sense changes add up significantly over time. Far easier to incorporate a few easy things (get a stainless steel, reusable water bottle).


16 Will

Hi cheri – Click on the following link to read some things from this website about non-stick coatings.

I don’t know anything about Corning Visions other than some do appear to have a non-stick coating on them. Whether it is Teflon, (a trademarked Dupont product) or some other plastic coating, I don’t know. Here is another link from ABC news about Teflon.



I am a student of D.P.S and I recommend all of you not to use plastic as it would harm you a lot …..Because I do the same……..


18 Lana

I actually became allergic to plastics. My chin, mouth, corners of my mouth, interior of my nose and outside just above the lip all are covered with a scaly rash. As I stopped using plastic, the rash has improved and will continue to improve as my allergist told me, if I stay away from plastics for eating, drinking, even using a tooth brush.
I have not found an alternative non-plastic tooth brush so I use cotton swabs to clean my teeth.

I am looking for a great non-plastic travel mug, and an alternative toothbrush. Can anyone help?


19 Will

Wow Lana! I have not heard of that. For a mug I suppose you could try a stainless steel one. I have a couple. They do have plastic caps, but those can be removed before drinking. As far as a tooth brush, I don’t know what you could do. Has your allergist seen this before?


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