Why Obama Might Be Our Next President


I think it is time for one of my infrequent way off topic posts. You know, the ones where I really know nothing about what I say, but of course have an opinion! This time the off topic is once again politics.

As I write this, Tuesday’s primaries are basically over and Clinton has done well. I guess we might not really know the outcome of the Clinton/ Obama race for weeks yet. But, from the twilight zone of the election trail, here is my theory about how the media may be trying to influence next November’s election.

It seems much of the media is assuming Obama will be the Democratic candidate in November. Maybe the constant tales of economic woe are designed to help Obama beat McCain. Some of the media seems to really want a change in the party that occupies the White House come next January. And, it seems that the media’s first choice is Barack Obama. Now here is the off-beat part. I think this preference for Obama is partly what is behind all the media coverage of how terrible the economy is.

the thinking is that Obama won’t be able to beat McCain on national security issues, so the economy is the best hope for a party change. If the public can be kept scared and frustrated about the economic situation, voters are even more likely to want a drastic change. Not just a change in party, but a change in style. Once Obama wins the election, the media coverage of the economy will become more positive and things will begin to turn around.

What do you think? Is this a crazy theory? Fire away in the comments if you want to send me scurrying back under my healthy living rock. I suppose the economy could really be as bad as the coverage of it details, then again, sometimes to us uninformed minions on the sidelines, things seem way simpler than they really are. But isn’t there something to the idea that a constant barrage of bad economic news tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy? And, in turn, a new media portrayal of the economy next January could help turn things around.

I know there are many, like the untwisted vortex, that think neither Obama or Clinton have any chance of beating McCain. What do you think? I am not the best judge because I am usually so frustrated by observing our political system, I seem to always want the biggest change that can come out of any election. You know, sort of how Jesse Ventura got elected? Anyway, it seems Obama has a good chance of beating Clinton. If he becomes the Democratic candidate, does he have a realistic chance of beating McCain? And if he does beat McCain, will the economic news miraculously become more positive?

Will Sig

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Will Sig
1 Bob

Not really keeping up with your election being a Canadian, but as I was rushing out to a meeting last night I overheard the news casts saying they declared Clinton as the winner, is this true? I think he would have a hard time beating McCain anyways, more so then Clinton.


2 Will

Hi Bob – Well if you know and Canadians interested or knowledgeable in these economic issues, send them the link to the guest post by JD that went up today. I will be really interested in opinions from residents of other countries.


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