Wind Power


I found this today. More information is here. Got to love some of those European Advertisements! Although it is in English, this is an German ad for wind power. Ingenious and moving!


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Will Sig
1 Swubird


Pure genius. I love those European ads. You just can’t beat them. I don’t know how you happen to find it, but you struck the motherload with this one.

Have a nice day.


2 Bob

Lol, those Europeans, not in your face like the Americans, totally different approach to ads as well as tv shows, great website link too.


3 Anna

I come back later to listen at home (in the office right now) However I want to add, when I travelled to Germany, I was fascinated by the amount of windmils farms out there, yet some (in fact many) of them did not move due to lack of wind, lol. Anna 🙂


4 Will

Glad you all like it. I have not posted many video links, but thought this one was so well done, I had to. On topic too! I visited a business once that generated their own electricity using a small water wheel, a small wind turbine, and solar panels. I’ll have to get the information out and do a post about them.


5 Andrew Flusche

I’m glad to see this one is traveling around still. I saw it a couple months back, and I was definitely impressed. It’s impressive enough to still have legs for this long. Amazing!


6 sky

Namaste’ Will YEAH! this is pretty awesome! thanks for posting this.
I wonder if what you are talking about is the same place I am thinking of where they combine all three it’s been a while since I read about it, but it is familiar in what you are saying. I know here at the ranch we are slowly incorporating all we can and are planning designing right now for using windpower and solar combined for the moment, but due to the land backing a water source hmm water wheel with the other two…sounds wonderful.



7 Will

Hi Sky – The place I mention is a hot spring and campground. I can’t remember the state it is in right now, but it is a small business. They are off the grid, though, and use the three methods for all their energy needs.


8 Swampy

The wind does do strange things…this time, some pretty FUNNY things. Thanks for the giggle and for visiting my Asylum.


9 Michael Franks

That is an awesome way to present the power of wind energy to general public.

I wonder if the guy in the video is made up or really looks like that.

Michael Franks


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