Wolfgang Puck Goes Organic


In May Wolfgang Puck announced he was making his huge food and restaurant business organic and free from cruelty to animals and fish. I am behind on some of my reading and somehow missed this, but I now say bravo to him! Hopefully more big name foodies will follow his example.

One of the articles I read, Wolfgang himself wrote in the May 7th issue of Newsweek, but I did find one thing strange. Unfortunately, the general tone of the article is almost apologetic in nature. He made comments like “I’m not going soft, or, heaven forbid, vegan”. He talked about people maybe finding his change “ridiculous”. He needs to change that mindset. He should be proud of his contributions to changing how we think of our food supply and bringing attention to organic and cruelty free food.

He also talks about how we are “too reliant on disposable packaging”, and details some changes he will make to contribute less to that problem. We need more of this sort of thinking from international personalities!

He hopes to make these changes without raising his prices. More power to him. I know I will now look a little closer at his products when I encounter them on the shelves of my local grocery stores.

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