Wordless Wednesday 01-07-2009


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Will Sig
1 The Right Blue

Geez, Will — that’s really pretty. Is that Crater Lake??

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2 saint3

that’s a nice ariel view of the lake. Does anyone go there at all?


3 Anna

Wow Will that is so cool! Excellent picture.
Anna 🙂

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4 Steve

Hey Will,
An excellent picture to start the year!
How far was the hike to get up to this peak? It’s quite a view!
I look forward to seeing more of you excellent photography this year, and thanks for reminding me with this picture that I need to try to do more hiking this summer.
~ Steve, the trade show guru

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5 Will

Steve – The hike to the peak is not long, about 5-6 miles. But it is the hardest hike I have ever done. Very steep and the last mile or so is loose “screed”. Two steps up, one slip back. Also you have to climb over, around, and under many huge boulders.

The lake is not Crater Lake. It is just one of the many small mountain lakes in this area. Most have at least a gravel road that gets you to them, but some you have to hike in to.


6 Steve

Hey Will,
I have done a few hikes like that (scrambling over “screed” to get to the peak). One wants to be very careful not to break a leg out there. The reward of getting somewhere that few people go is worth it though, and I love the solitude. My toughest hike (not to brag) was Mt Whitney. Not only was it incredibly grueling, I didn’t get enough sunscreen on soon enough, and really paid the price for the next few days… 🙂 The cool thing was that I did it with my wife before we got married, and we said, if we could survive doing that together, we can do anything together! ~ Steve, aka the trade show booths guru

Steves last blog post..Trade Show Booths and Duct Tape


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