Wordless Wednesday 02-18-2009


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Will Sig
1 BK

Will, this is truly a magnificent shot! It’s just breath-taking. I believe that the place where you are taking this shot from is equally beautiful. 🙂

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2 JD Thomas

The shades and layers of subtle color really make this photo a pleasure to really study. If you ever do a calendar of your photos, I suggest this for February (my birthday month) since it really shows that winter does not have to be monotonous.

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3 Steve

hi Will,
Gorgeous photo! I love snow covered trees. Is that an old volcano in the middle of the picture? And as I’ve asked about other picture, was it tough to get to where you took this picture? Snow shoes required? 🙂
~ Steve, the trade show guru

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4 Will

Thanks everyone! A calendar, JD? I’m not sure my photos are that good, but I’m flattered. And Steve, the small cone in the foreground is what I think is called a cinder cone. Not sure about that though. I know it is an offshoot of the big volcano in the background. All long dormant, fortunately. There are several volcanoes in the Cascade Range. In fact, maybe all the mountains are volcanoes. I used cross country skis to get to the location. I hope to get out there again on Sunday. This year has had so little snow in the mountains until recently.


5 The Right Blue

I agree that this could be a calendar photo — or at least a postcard. It is spectacular. Bravo!

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6 JD Thomas

With the low cost of self publishing calendars now days you could do one just for yourself. I’ve thought about doing one just for my family as soon as I can figure out who, throughout my siblings and cousins, would be needed to cover at least one birthday per month.

But I have seen enough of your WW posts to suspect that you could put together 12 seasonally appropriate photos to make a nice calendar.

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7 Anna

Will this is what you call ‘winter wonderland’. Beautiful. Anna 🙂

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8 Bob

Beautiful Shot Will, which direction are you facing? If it is east or west you’d get some awesome Sun/Moon rises/sets.

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9 Villager

Happy WW! I’m told that the temp is going to rise above the freezing level for the first time in many moons. I will be glad to leave the snow for photos like yours!

I invite your blog readers to see an uplifting photo of President Barack Obama as he concluded a triumphant and confidence-instilling speech to joint session of Congress last night.

peace, Villager

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