Wordless Wednesday 1-23-2008


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Will Sig
1 Anna

Will, you better change the rule, and change from Wordless Wednesday to something like Few Words per Wednesday. Nice photo and want to ask, is this taken now, then you must be enjoying the warm weather. It is always nice to see some green, thanks for sharing, Anna 🙂


2 Bob

Beautiful image, excellent colors, reminds me of warmer times.


3 Will

I think the “Wordless” applies to the post. People are supposed to comment, and then put your link under the post like Bob did. Supposedly it is good publicity since the link that Bob put there is available for all WW participants to see if they click the “View More WW Participants” link under the box. So everyone feel free to put your link up there each Wednesday.

I click the “View More” each week and look at several other sites. Supposedly hundreds of people do the same.

The picture itself is from the 12 mile hike on Collins Mountain I took last Saturday. It was about 29 degrees f. when I saw this partially frozen little stream beside the trail. Interesting that it looks warm to the two of you. Probably that is because you both live so far to the north. By now you are probably ready to think anything above 15 degrees is warm!


4 Bob

Hey Will have an award for you at my site.


5 noelevz

A great photo! love the color greens in it! Thanks for dropping by my site!


6 Will

You are welcome. That street art by Julian Beever is really something else.


7 Huston

Great photo!!! Thanks for this article and for the photo 🙂


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