Wordless Wednesday 12-10-2008


How about another fun one? I am thinking some sort of insect casing, but what kind?

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Will Sig
1 Phylameana

Looks kinda like fulgurite.

Phylameanas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Merry Cheesmas


2 Yen

Ok, I don`t have any idea what that is. Happy WW!

Yens last blog post..WW: Lights


3 Lareine

is this made by a pre-historic termite?… because if that is the case, i would stay away from it… there might be some eggs left in there and having 5-cm termites gnawing your house posts and beams is a scary thought:)!

Lareines last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


4 Debbie

Not a clue…

Debbies last blog post..WORDLESS WEDNESDAY


5 JD Thomas

It looks like a Mud dauber nest to me.

Techfuns last blog post..WP-Cumulus Plugin


6 Steve

hey Will,
I don’t mean to be gross, but my first thought when I saw this picture was that it came from a dog, and why would you post a picture of dog doo? You’re probably right on the insect casing idea. Have you broken it open yet? And can we go back to flowers, leaves changing color, or fog in a valley for the next picture? 🙂
~ Steve, aka the trade show guru


7 Will

It does look a little like a Mud Dauber nest, JD. There seem to be many different kinds, but it may be.

Steve – We have a couple of them, but don’t plan to break them open as they are kind of neat as is. These mysteries are fun and I have several other things collected by me or my wife that I am not sure of. But I’ll try to go back to something like you suggest for a week before I put up another puzzle. We are predicted to get our first snow this weekend, so maybe something pretty will come out of that.


8 The Right Blue

Don’t laugh, but at first glance I thought it was an oddly shaped chocolate chip cookie. (You can tell where my mind is!) On second glance, I thought of mud wasps…

The Right Blues last blog post..It’s Not a Maze, It’s a Brain Coral


9 Bob

At first glance I thought it was something they found on the bottom of the ocean, or a wholely meteorite,lol.

Bobs last blog post..Another Moon, Jupiter ,Venus Conjunction Image And The Moon, Pleiades Meet


10 Anna

I see iron, something old and rusted!
Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..I Love Winter Because of Pomegranates


11 Steve

hey Will,
I just tried posting on a CFL post of yours and it didn’t work.
I’m trying here to see if I can make a comment. ~ Steve

Steve | Trade Show Gurus last blog post..Recycle CFL light bulbs at Home Depot


12 Steve

Well, that one worked so maybe it was because it was an old post. I got a message saying “your comment was not accepted”. Anyway, here’s what I wrote:
Hey Will,
I’m a huge fan of CFLs, though I’ve found in high “on-off” applications that they don’t last as long as they should. Anyway, regarding disposing of them, they can be recycled at Home Depot. Actually, according to Rudy who commented on my blog post, some Home Depots may have not gotten the corporate recycling box yet, but Rudy says you can drop them off at WalMart as well (I can’t vouch for this).
Anyway, if you get much traffic on your CFL posts, you might want to update them to mention the importance of recycling CFLs and that they can be dropped off at Home Depot or Walmart (and maybe other places as well).
~ Steve, aka the CFL-loving trade show guru

Steve | Trade Show Gurus last blog post..Recycle CFL light bulbs at Home Depot


13 Will

Strange, Steve. All my posts should accept comments. I do get occasional ones even on posts over a year old. Let me know specifically which post it was.

I had heard and forgotten that Home Depot takes back cfl’s for recycling and I forgot to check the last time I was there. I did not know about Walmart.


14 Steve

hi Will, I think it was your “headache” post about what to do with used CFLs. I wouldn’t worry too much about the comment not working. Could have just been a glitch. I also had problems posting comments in IE6 a while back (again, who knows why?), but now use Firefox and it works (all the websites I go to work to, which is nice!)
~ Steve, aka the Firefox-loving trade show guru

Trade Show Gurus last blog post..The Ultimate Christmas Gift


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