Wordless Wednesday 2-13-2008


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Will Sig
1 Jan

Great action shots. Happy WW.


2 Jan

Great action shots. Happy WW.


3 Will

Thanks! It was hard to keep this one wordless being a proud dad and all. These are of my son’s high school hockey game last Saturday night, They played the cross-town rival high school and had to win to secure first place for the season. The game was tied 1-1 at the end of regulation so they had a shoot out to decide the winner. The first 7 kids to go were all stopped by the goalies. These photos are of my son who went 8th and scored by backhanding the puck over the goalie’s right elbow. See the little black dot? Then of course he was mobbed by his teammates.

As I said, proud dad edition. Sorry!



4 Babyamore (Trish)

Score ! incredible victory for your son and his team.


5 Chris

Hockey is a great game, one of the few I enjoy. Great that he scored !


6 jen

SCORE! I love this one! Congrats to your son! Happy WW! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment! 🙂


7 frogpondsrock

Great action shot of the winning goal… WooHooo..
A proud Dad moment indeed..My hand would have been shaking too much and my photo would have ended up all blurry… hehehe

cheers Kim 🙂


8 Bob

Hi proud Dad, too cool you got a shot of his winning shot, I’d be sooo proud too.


9 Utah Mommy

I wonder if my son would be interested to something like this when he grow up? i hope so. Happy ww and happy valentines day!
Hair Cut or Life Cut?
My Little Funny Boy


10 Will

My son says thanks everyone. It is also nice to see the link love starting to spread here on my WW posts! One clarification on the photos, though. They are indeed of my son’s winning goal, but they were taken by a mom of another player. I run the penalty box during these games so I am often preoccupied with things there during the game. I did get to see this one and yes it was exciting.

The really strange thing that is hard to believe is this: My son is a defense-man and not a goal scorer. Last year these two teams played each other in the last game of the season, also with first place on the line. That game also ended tied, I think it was 3-3. My son was the 8th or 10 player to go in the shootout to determine that game and he also scored the winning goal. What a treat for him to be able to did it again this year!


11 Gabriel

Nice sequence!

Thanks for dropping by; my WW post for this week: http://lfwaterloo.blogspot.com/2008/02/ww09-first-steps.html

Happy WW!


12 Anna

Will great action photos, they are not that easy to take. BTW I used to practice those taking photos of the hockey game on TV, I think they did not turn out that great, lol. Anna 🙂


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