Wordless Wednesday 3-16-2011


Smith River, California

Snow is melting, streams and rivers are rushing

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Will Sig
1 PippaD

Wow, that looks fast.


2 ohkeeka

What a beautiful picture. I can’t wait for all the snow here to melt–we still have large mounds of it everywhere, despite the warmer weather!


3 KaHolly

Gorgeous shot of the rushing water. Very well done.


4 Fayteh

Lovely site! been seeing some of this action, on & off by be. depending on if the temps drop again or not.


5 Cafe au lait

Great shot!

I played too. Mine are here and here.
Cafe au lait recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – My Favorite Time of The DayMy Profile


6 Marilyn

This reminds me of the spring thaw that we used to experience when I lived in Northern BC as a kid.


7 Marie

Wow! That’s some snow melt you have going there.
Marie recently posted..The Night of MiraclesMy Profile


8 Tony McGurk

That river sure is raging. Summer’s heading your way you lucky guy. Our nights & mornings are getting cooler rather quickly now, although the past week has been lovely & warm during the day but I don’t reckon it’ll last much longer.



wonderful! happy WW! 🙂


10 bethere2day

Great capture

Happy WW! and thanks for stopping by 🙂
bethere2day recently posted..Wordless Wednesday EnvironmentalMy Profile


11 Glenn

Living in the South, I have never seen a snow melt with such fury and beauty. We see water like this when the spillways are opened on one of our many dams. Great shot!
Glenn recently posted..Media Photo of the Week- Young Earthquake SurvivorsMy Profile


12 gtyyup

Looks WILD!!!
gtyyup recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile


13 Stan

I’ve seen stuff like that – awesome but scary. Don’t get too close.
Stan recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile


14 Anna

Beautiful but dangerous at the same time.
Anna 🙂
Anna recently posted..Everything Has An EndMy Profile


15 Will

Hi Anna! The rivers this time of year are dangerous. Every year a few people get too close and drown. But watching safely from well up on the bank is great!


16 Binky

Looks like quite a raging river. I can only think of what many Japanese must have faced as the tsunami came rushing in.
Binky recently posted..Time For ActionMy Profile


17 Will

They do rage as the snow melts. The difference is that we can watch safely, but in a tsunami there is no place to go unless you do it well before it arrives. And if you are too close to the source as they were, it’s big trouble. Here on the west coast of the U.S. the waves were fairly small, but even if they had been bigger, there was so much warning it was not an issue.


18 Dianne - Bunny Trails

Gorgeous shot, Will! Love it.

As to the Outlaw – it’s a piece in the new Settlers of America. In Settlers of Catan, he was the Robber. I guess it was more fitting in this version that he be an outlaw. But he definitely looks like a pawn, too.
Dianne – Bunny Trails recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – the OutlawMy Profile


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