Wordless Wednesday 3-18-2009



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Will Sig
1 Will

This one probably needs a note of explanation. She sits there starting at about 6pm waiting for the my wife to get home. The first thing that happens then is a dog cookie from the cabinet. When we changed the clocks, her waiting, (and drooling on the windowsill), changed by an hour for a few days. Who says dogs can’t tell time?


2 Liss

That’s a neat shot


3 Rasmenia

Hee hee! That is so cute!

Happy Wednesday to you. 🙂

Rasmenias last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #8 – Fell Asleep Reading


4 Alvis

I was going to guess that she was waiting for someone, but I see that I am right.

Very cute picture.

Alviss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


5 Lareine

this seems like a scene from “the little prince” — the one with the fox telling the prince to give him food at the same time for it to get used to the routine :)… and the globe by the dog’s side heightens the likeness to the story… now, let’s just see who is the “little prince” and the pilot who crashed :)…

Lareines last blog post..Almost Wordless Wednesday


6 Liz

Cute! The dog we had when I was a kid did the same thing, waiting for my father to come home from work.

Lizs last blog post..Sky Scraper


7 Amanda

For anyone that has owned a dog you don’t need to explain this wonderful shot.


8 Grampy

They are very faithful. Always ready to greet you with a smile.
Thanks for the visit to Grampys

Grampys last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


9 Anna
10 Bob

lol, too cute, my cat is the same way for me, mind you we didn’t change our clocks at all as we don’t participate in DST.

Bobs last blog post..Nuclear Moon


11 Steve

Anything for a dog cookie! Very cool story Will.
BTW, is that a stack of National Geographic magazines on the right? ~ Steve

Steves last blog post..Remember When


12 Dianne

What an awesome shot! I love it. Our cat knows how to tell time also. 😀

Diannes last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – St. Patty’s Reflections


13 Will

Thanks for all the comments! And yes, Steve that they are. It is the stack of ones I am behind on. The other 400 are in another part of the house.

You know I always have thought that the way to get the earth out of the way of an incoming asteroid is this… Figure out how to instantly vaporizes all the old NG magazines on the planet at the same instant. The orbit of the earth would immediately change and move us out of harms way.


14 herry

nice dog picture… i was wondering what is he/she doing there… Nice posts here.


15 stephanie (bad mom)

I quite love this photo – the colors, the hopefulness, the quiet sense of adventure on the way…

stephanie (bad mom)s last blog post..blessed day


16 eastcoastlife

Same thing my dog does for my hubby, waiting at the gate for him to return from work daily. If my hubby is late, he would keep waiting.

eastcoastlifes last blog post..Real Love Works for Elderly Couples – WW


17 Mozi Esme

Very cute!

Mozi Esmes last blog post..Wordful Wednesday – OMSI


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