Wordless Wednesday 4-08-2009



Here I was photographing this interesting insect when it slowly turned its head and appeared to be looking at me. Creepy!

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Will Sig
1 SMS Stories

It’s pretty weird indeed. Its like a possessed insect. 🙂

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2 Liz

Eeewwww! I would have started running if it looked at me like that!

Lizs last blog post..Flutter


3 Lareine

maybe it’s an alien come to spy on us:)!… but in any case, this is a great macro shot! very crisp and very clear!

Lareines last blog post..Not-so- Wordless Wednesday


4 Atniz

Yeah, it looks creepy. Nice shot.

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5 Steve

Wow Will,
That is a perfect macro shot! Amazing. The background worked out perfect too! Very, very cool! ~ Steve, the impressed trade show guru

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6 Joey Logano

Creeeeeepy to say the least for sure, it also kinda of looks like its waving its front hand or something

Joey Loganos last blog post..Rookie Profile at Texas


7 Steve

hi Will,
I just wanted to let you know that I found your last comment in my akismet spam folder, but I fished it out. You are the last person I would ever expect to end up there, but I think it just goes to prove that no system is perfect. ~ steve
PS. Now I’ll see what happens to this comment! 🙂

Steves last blog post..Trade Show Zombies, Spammers, and Tadpoles


8 Bob

Your Bugged, might be the NSA with all your environmental talk and all,lol, cool shot.

Bobs last blog post..April Full Moon and Around the World in 80 Telescopes


9 Anna

Hey Will that is creepy, lol. I would be scared to if this thing looked at me, and I would be wearing shoes too, lol. Anna 🙂

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