Wordless Wednesday 4-2-2008




Can anyone guess what this rock structure was built and is used for?  Hint – It is first come, first served!


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Will Sig
1 carrie-the gremlin wrangler

that hint makes me think buffet. Chinese all you can eat?

happy wednesday


2 Lilli

No, but its beautiful Maybe a hideaway.


3 Jientje

Is it an oven?
Nice picture!


4 regina

I can’t imagine what it is used for but it is a beautiful shot!
Happy WW!


5 jennyr

hmmm…can’t think of anything! cool WW though…mine’s up!


6 Gina

Hmm, was it a table of some sort??
Great pic BTW!

Happy WW!


7 Holly Schwendiman

I’m guessing some kind of cooking purpose?



8 Andrew Flusche

Maybe it’s a sacrificial altar. Ok, that was morbid.


9 Will

So far Andrew is closest, but not too close! I’ll give another, better, hint if no one has it by comment 12.


10 liza

I’ll guess it for cooking or something..;)
Happy WW!


11 Anna

Wow this is a great shot…Love this…Thanks for sharing and happy WW.
Mine is up From The Bottom Of My Heart


12 Sonja

This is so interesting! I’m going to say it’s some kind of marriage alter. (I’m thinking Andrew was close because of the religious intention?)

Thanks for the comment! Happy WW!


13 Andrew Flusche

Now you’re really tempting me. I was just being silly. But if that was somewhat close….

Is it for drying and tanning animal skins?


14 napaboaniya

My guess is that it’s for building a fire-place in attempt to block out the strong winds?
Nice picture!! πŸ™‚


15 grace

Great photo and interesting one too but I have no idea what that is.


16 Will

Ok – Here are some clues. If no one has guessed by tomorrow, I’ll put up the answer.

Hint part A: It is about 100 feet off the Pacific Crest Trail, in the middle of the woods, a good hike from civilization.

Hint part B: It is sometimes used in the daytime, but usually at night, by backpackers.

Hint Part C: Those guesses that focus on the top of the structure are on the right track. Although I can really agree how it looks like a shelter, oven, or fireplace.


17 Andrew Flusche

People will really think I’m crazy now. And this comment will probably be caught by your spam filter.

by Will:
“Censored” Sorry, Andrew. LOL! Harmless, but I don’t want the SE crawlers to get the wrong idea!


18 Jenileigh

Lovely view!


19 Will

It is a great view, and that is the reason for the stone structure. Andrew has come the closest, I guess, but some others were on the right track. Thanks for all the guesses! I just put up the question as an after-thought, but may try to do more puzzles in the future.

It is a bed. With a pad and a bag it is not that bad.

Backpackers on the PCT know about it and try to be the first one there to claim it for the night. Often someone will lay out their claim, then go a ways down the trail to have diner and come back to it for the night. The view from there is really something on a clear night and because of the high elevation, great for star gazing.


20 Andrew Flusche

No worries about the censoring. πŸ™‚ My guess wasn’t really family-friendly anyway.


21 Will

Yeah – This article from a while back got me noticed as an adult site. Silly, but those bots that crawl your site can interpret things weirdly sometimes.

By the way, Andrew. I found your article on selling books and am in the process of going through a 6 foot tall stack of used homeschooling and college texts to see if I can shift their weight elsewhere on the planet. Thanks!

That reminds me of the old quote that someone made long ago that if suddenly, in an instant, all the old copies of National Geographic were removed from the planet, Earth’s orbit around the sun would change.


22 Andrew Flusche

I’m glad you stumbled onto my book selling article. The process really is cathartic. And you can get a little cash to boot!

That quote is funny! Makes me wish we had a mini black hole to dump the old National Geographics into. Just to see what would really happen. πŸ™‚


23 zamejias

Given the hints, I still wouldn’t have guessed it. But I can now have my peace knowing what it is.



24 Anna

Will I guess I arrived late for the game, but I really enjoy reading the comments. Oh and I noticed another Anna on the comment, for second I thought I must have been sleepping when I arrived here, because I don’t remember any of it, lol. Nice fun post. Anna πŸ™‚


25 Bob

Is it a bed?, never would have guessed that, would have thought it was some type of shelter, great shot and view.


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