Wordless Wednesday 6-18-2008




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Will Sig
1 Bob

Hey nice capture Will,beautiful colors and textures, what kind of flower is this?

Bobs last blog post..The Solstice Moon Illusion


2 napaboaniya

Gorgeous shot of the flower with focus 🙂

napaboaniyas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #26


3 Mariposa

Lovely shot…what it’s called?!

Thanks for the well wishes…Happy WW to you!

Mariposas last blog post..I’m Flying With No Wings


4 Robin

Great shot – I love the way you’ve captured the texture.

Robins last blog post..WW – Red Sea Fish


5 Cecily

Those almost look other worldly!! Great shot!!

Cecilys last blog post..Wordless Wednesday and You Write The Captions


6 Maisie

So much texture and uniqueness in those flowers. Beautiful.

Maisies last blog post..Why Women Live Longer Than Men


7 Shelia

Beautiful picture. Kinda itchy looking, lol, but beautiful nonetheless.

Happy WW! 🙂

Shelias last blog post..Wednesday Coaches Corner: Rodney Harmon and Zina Garrison To Lead Olympic Teams In Beijing


8 lareine

what a lovely shot! i can almost feel those tiny “hairs” on the petals… they must be soft to the touch (contrary to how sheila perceived them :)… maybe i’m just weird *winks*)… and i love the delicate lavender color… what is the plant’s name?

lareines last blog post..Not-so-Wordless Wednesday


9 Allison

What a beautiful photo! I love that you can see each little individual hair…excellent!

Happy WW!

Allisons last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Dinner Time!


10 vien

great shot!!

Mine is up.


Happy WW!!

viens last blog post..Wordless Wednesday no.7 – To My Bestfriend Jam


11 Will

According to a hiking friend, it is Calochortus tolmiei, common name, Pussy Ears. Guess we can see where the common name comes from.

Thanks for all your comments!


12 Dianne - Bunny Trails

The texture and detail is so beautiful. Very nice shot. I, too, am curious to know what type of flower it is.


13 Tink *~*~*

It’s very cute and fuzzy. Pretty lavender color, too. Thanks for sharing.

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*


14 Rachel S

What a remarkable flower! I’ve never seen anything like it!

Rachel Ss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Portent


15 malou

beautiful flower great shots…See you in my blog leaving a comment…Thanks.

malous last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


16 Will

Hi Malou – Thank you for your comments. You need to add the “name/url” fields to your Blogger comment form so those without Blogger ID’s can comment easily.


17 The Right Blue

Those are pretty “hairy” flowers!

The Right Blues last blog post..WW #38 – The Survivor


18 Medical Oddities

Beautiful flower, that looks amazing but I’m not sure what kind of flower that is.

Medical Odditiess last blog post..Liberty Medical Supplies


19 Anna

Will wow this is really nice. Anna 🙂

Annas last blog post..Miracle of Life – My Baby Matthew


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