Wordless Wednesday 6-03-2009



These two wild turkeys surprised us on our hike two weeks ago.

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Will Sig
1 Steve

Hi Will,
That was a cool surprise on your hike! I’ve never come across a wild turkey. But your picture reminds me that in elementary school we learned that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be our national bird instead of the bald eagle. ~ Steve, the trivia-minded trade show guru

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2 Liz

They look so stately! Is it a male and a female?

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3 Mozi Esme's Mommy

They look rather friendly! Though I’ve heard they can be a pain to have around when they start dropping on roofs…

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4 Anna

Will I been looking for them for couple of years now. I saw some on the snow in the field, but I didn’t have my slr with me, and few weeks ago I finally saw few but they ran, so I got the tails. But then I think I can add them finally to my birding list, lol. Anna 🙂 BTW as always nice photo.

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5 Will

I think they are a make and female or maybe just older and younger. There were several others in the area, some this years brood, I think. They were pretty much unafraid of us. I have heard the Ben and turkey story. I think he liked them on the table as much as in the field. I bet they do taste better than the farm raised birds we see in the stores each Thanksgiving. I have seen “heritage” birds for sale, but can not justify the price they have on them. Paying $100.00 or more for the Thanksgiving turkey seems insane although an organic, free range 16 lb turkey can reach $35.00. That’s my limit though.


6 Mozi Esme's Mommy

Hey! I just tried Mr. Linky here – and it looks like it worked, but when I refresh your page, my link is gone. And there are no other links showing up. So it looks like it’s still not working right for you, either.

I did submit a helpdesk ticket, and the response I got was that they are working on it – they will refund my money (I have Silver membership) if I like, or I can upgrade to Gold for a free trial and use one of the Gold wizards that ARE working. I just didn’t feel like hassling with it, so I am waiting “patiently.”

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7 Bob

Very cool Will, I’d love to capture a couple of them in a Moon Rise image.

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