Wordless Wednesday 8-06-2008


Does anyone know what these are?

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Will Sig
1 Napaboaniya APAD

A bird feeding stand?
It’s a beautiful picture 🙂

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2 The Right Blue

Not really sure what it is, but it appears to have a cable attached, so I imagine either it’s powered for something or other (a light), or else it’s transmitting information back to somewhere or other. Some sort of field data collection device?


3 CK Go Places

Nice photo. Happy WW! 🙂

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4 Betty

The forest background is beautiful…Another great picture to peace our mind.


5 Blue Sunrise Photography

Beautiful shot!


6 Russ

Not really sure. It looks a little like an Egret Nest. But is a cool picture.


7 Lareine

this is a lovely photo… i love the composition and the colors… and the “watching post” is perfect in watching the sunset as a flock of birds fly on their way to their nest!…

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8 Steve

Hi Will, I’m assuming that you toke this picture on your vacation last week? Anayway, were there multiple stands? My guess is that it is a nesting box to keep the eggs away from small ground-bound predators… Steve(aka “trade show booths”)


9 JD Thomas

My guess would be nesting platforms or feeding platforms.

It reminds me of the time lapse photography platforms except that would be enclosed.

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10 The Fitness Diva

That’s just beautiful. Those shades of blue are absolutely gorgeous!


11 Will

Well, I think JD and Steve are on the right track. That is what I thought of when I saw them. But there were several around the lake and none of them had anything in them to indicate they had been used for a nest or anything else.


12 Steve

hi Will, they might be (bird) feeding platforms for use during the WINTER when the lake is frozen over and covered by snow. By locating them along the shore, one could walk out to them and not worry about falling through the ice. Also, then during summer they would be empty and appear unused. I’m not aware of any program to feed birds during the winter though… Neat looking wooden stands whatever they are! ~ Steve


13 WillThink4Wine

What a lovely, peaceful place to be! Love the hazy blue background. Sorry, I have no idea what it is but some of the previous guess sound pretty good.


14 Bob

Beautiful shot Will, did you take it on your holidays?

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15 Andrew Flusche

I think it’s some type of weather monitoring platform or device.

Beautiful photo!

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16 MommyWizdom

What a neat photo! I have no idea what they are… but they’re neat! Thanks for sharing.

I hope you can come check out brand new Pet Peeve Tuesdays!

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