Wordless Wednesday 8-13-2008


What is it? The whole hillside was covered in this weird, stringy, orange, growth.

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Will Sig
1 Napaboaniya APAD

Hhmmm… I’ve got no idea what is that. Looks like thin strings, but if the entire hillside is filled with it, I doubt it’s string anymore.

Napaboaniya APADs last blog post..APAD #154 | WW


2 Will

Yes the photo shows the hillside was covered. Only this area, though. It definitely was alive, but was nothing I have ever seen before. Like a spaghetti consistency, only finer.


3 The Right Blue

Gee, I’ve never seen anything quite like that. It looks a little like seaweed — or Easter basket grass!!

The Right Blues last blog post..WW #46 – In case of shark attack…


4 Brittany E.

There is some kind of food (I can’t think of its name) that looks like that, its usually on plates as a garnish.

Brittany E.s last blog post..The Kiss-Wordless Wednesday


5 Tara

Looks like that stuff fancy chefs put on the top of desserts. Maybe Gordon Ramsay was having a bad day . . .


6 Tara

Looks like that stuff fancy chefs put on the top of desserts. Maybe Gordon Ramsay was having a bad day . . .


7 WillThink4Wine

It almost looks like finely shredded carrots!


8 M3

Wow, that is weird! I’m curious to know what it is.


9 Lareine

it must be wonderful to see this color coating the hillside… it’s summer and yet it already looks autumn :)… i wonder how it would appear in spetember?:)… maybe it’s a kind of moss or weeds with too much orange pigments — like those found in corals…

Lareines last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


10 MommyWizdom

Isn’t nature amazing? It’s gotta be food for something/someone.

Thanks for showing us – can’t wait to find out the answer.

Come by my blog to check out Pet Peeve Tuesday!!


11 TwoBarkingDogs

Cosmic Silly String?

Whatever it is, its interesting!

TwoBarkingDogss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday, or “Cosmo Cosmo”


12 storyteller

I have no idea … literally, but I do find the photographs interesting.
Hugs and blessings,

storytellers last blog post..Heads or Tails #19 – Supply …


13 Steve

hi Will,
It seems that about half of your wordless Wednesday posts have words in the form of a question in them… 🙂
I then end up spending several hours on the internet searching for an answer or emailing friends, instead of working (you come up with very interesting pictures and questions).
Anyway, this time I’m not taking the bait! (I have way too much to get done).
So I’ll just say that I don’t know but it sure looks cool. I wish I was on some of your hikes.
I look forward to your next wordless Wednesday!
~ Steve (aka Mr trade show booths)


14 Marcia "HDMac" McFarlane

That truly is an interesting pic… will be interested in finding out the answer!!!


15 isabella mori

hey will … great to see what you’re up to with your wordless wendesdays these days!

was hoping that one of your commenters would know what it is but alas … 🙂

isabella moris last blog post..bird and shadow on a wordless wednesday


16 Nigel

I think it must be a cross between a moss and a tussock. Very cool.

Nigels last blog post..Prince Charles speaks out against GE crops


17 Bob

Hey Will , very cool, looks like the stuff we have to clean off the Mall’s parkade floor after wing and beer night at the Mall’s bar,lots and lots of crappy silly string, where did you find it, where you live?

Bobs last blog post..Auroras And Mars Dust In 3D


18 Will

This was in Southern Oregon, in the Applegate region. I think it was along the Tin Cup Trail.


19 Will

The answer from Al Collinet, a Sierra Club hike leader is that it is Dodder in the Cuscutaceae Family. It is an annual parasitic vine.

A parasitic vine! And I held it in my hands. Yikes!

Interesting as it is orange, not green, and had no leaves at all. A weird specimen to be sure.


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