Wordless Wednesday 8-26-2009



Back From Camping – Wish We Had a Longer Stay!

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Will Sig
1 irina

Very nice photo!
.-= irina´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday…Miercurea fara cuvinte (Beautiful cars) =-.


2 seher

spooky πŸ™‚
.-= seher´s last blog ..Wordless Attitude =-.


3 AD

oooooooooooooooohh i shiver wid fear πŸ˜€

Elegant Expressions


4 JD at I Do Things

COOL! It was taken at night, right? And the light is the camera flash? Regardless, it’s rather eerie. There wasn’t a Blair Witch around, was there?
.-= JD at I Do Things´s last blog ..Old People Are Ruining My Life so you don’t have to =-.


5 Brooke

Looks like you had a perfect spot… Lovely shot of the early morning sun
.-= Brooke´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Mystery Bone =-.


6 Grampy

Looks like a wonderful camp site. Glad you are back.


7 Luc J

Where’s the swimming pool? πŸ˜‰


8 Steve

hey Will,
You may have wished to stay longer. I just wish I could have been there. Looks like a great camp site.
I miss the Sierras. Curse the beach! (just kidding)
~ Steve, the trade show guru
.-= Steve´s last blog ..According to Chuck Norris =-.


9 Will

That is actually sunlight on the shrub. And the swimming pool (lake) is to my back so the view was quite nice in the morning. Next week I plan to post a photo of a new dog we have to get opinions on its lineage. Then I will post some more from this camping trip. If I am lucky I have enough good ones to post them occasionally until next summer when the next camping trip will probably be. πŸ™

And yeah Steve, you don’t get much symphony living where you do! As I think you know, I spent a summer there years ago and it is a beautiful place for sure.


10 Steve

Hey Will,
What is it with you and the “spelling tests”? We actually do get “symphony” here, the Santa Barbara Symphony to be exact, thought I’ve never been to it. Perhaps you meant to say “sympathy”? Or as I suspect, is this just another test to see if I’m paying attention? Yes, I remember you got to stay here for a summer years ago (I think before I moved here) and yes, it is a beautiful place, symphony and all, no sympathy required! πŸ™‚ Steve, the ever-observant trade show guru
.-= Steve´s last blog ..Zombie Boot Camp =-.


11 Will

Dang – There is just no slipping anything by you, Steve. I’ll have to be even more ticky next time I try, I guess. πŸ˜‰


12 Anna

Its been long time since I camped Will. Probably in grade 5 class, which also happened to be tragic. Not really on the camp, but at the same time I was away from home my next door neighbor a friend, and 2 brothers also friends from school drowned. I missed the whole funeral thing, but may be it is good, because for while and probably always will be like just living far away from each other. Sorry to pound you with a sad story on this one….but I am ready for camping too one day, just need a bit more conditioning for my hubby, lol….. Anna πŸ™‚ PS nice pic
.-= Anna´s last blog ..Digital Postcard Series: Sea Monsters, Scilla, Italy =-.


13 Dennis the Vizsla

That looks like a peaceful spot, and likely free of raygun-wielding alien chickens.
.-= Dennis the Vizsla´s last blog ..Overheard Around The House =-.


14 Will

@Dennis – Yes it is and I miss it! There were lots of geese that came around the tent in the mornings, but I did not notice any rayguns!

Anna! Since grade 5! That is something. I never took you for a city girl! πŸ˜‰


15 Stephen Settle

You must have enjoyed your time while camping a lot.


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