Wordless Wednesday 9-03-2008


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Will Sig
1 Betty

I wish I am now in that place. I can imagine breath the fresh air. While enjoying the silence of nature. Nice shot Will.


2 The Right Blue

Are those herons? The birds in the second shot look like they are trying to avoid something lurking in the water.


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3 Bob

Cool Pics Will, birds really got a birds eye view,lol.

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4 Steve

hey Will,
Excellent shots. The blue water in the first shot confirms why blue is my favorite color, and I love the tree and composition of the second shot. Where these taken at Hyatt Lake?
~ Steve


5 Will

Thanks for your comments! This has been a very busy week, so I have not been online almost at all. These were taken at Hyatt Lake. They are Cormorants, diving fish eating birds, usually seen at the ocean.


6 Anna

Hi Will, these are really cool photos. We have those at our local pond, very interesting to watch them, they dive underwater to catch fish, and suddenly surface in different place. Have you ever observed their feet, like a duck, and they still can sit on top of the tree, lol. Anna 🙂

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7 Anna

….oh I forgot to mention, they don’t have the oil glands to they get we easily, therefore they usually sit up high on the tree to dry.

Annas last blog post..Moments of Happiness and Moments of Sadness


8 Cascia

That is beautiful. Where was that taken?

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9 jody

Wow Will. Love the vibrance of your photo’s!!


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