WW 11-8-2011


Is this sort of like ketchup being a vegetable?

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Will Sig
1 Sukhmandir Kaur

Mmm tempting! Yup ketchup vegetable or actually now that I think of it a fruit 🙂


2 Aussiepomm


Mine is up as well at WW – Sculptures By The Sea!

Have a great WW!
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3 Anna

Haha, a full serving! Haha, vegetables! Do they mean the potatoes maybe? 😀


4 Jan

Hmmmm, you have to give them full marks for trying! It’s kind of like justifying your apple pie as a serving of fruit. Thanks for the chuckle!


5 Will

Hey I just had a piece of homemade apple pie! Not sure it really counts though. I am OK in any case as I had broccoli and yam with dinner and a pint of green juice earlier.


6 Steve

hi Will,
I notice a little asterisk at the end of the claim… what does it say?
Perhaps it says, “If you believe this, we have a bridge we’d like to sell you.” 🙂
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7 Will

Hi Steve – I don’t think I noticed that asterisk. And the bag is long gone. If the kids get them again, I’ll check out what it was notating.


8 Faythe

well, ketchup does have some nutrition, as cooked tomatoes have more nutrition that raw (go figure?) potatoes are a veggie… but some kinds are also mixing in other veggies & herbs for flavor (& taste) but the frying may cancel out the taters… looks like you may be making some guacamole with the stuff in the bowl? I love that stuff!


9 Will

No guacamole, just for sandwiches and salads. Those are some of the last tomatoes from the garden. In a good year, I bring them in before the first frost and can have the last ones right up to Thanksgiving. This year I think I may run out a week or so before then.


10 Tony McGurk

Not to mention all the artificial flavourings & preservatives.


11 Robin Henderson

Trees pollute more than industry, too. Every since Ronald Reagan warned us about that, we’ve been chainsawing them down wherever we see them here on the North Pacific coast. We expect dividends in cleaner air any day.
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12 Binky

So if you eat a big bag of potato chips, that should be enough vegetables for a week!
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13 Jan

Binky that’s a great way of looking at it – I love your lateral thinking!


14 Tony McGurk

Doh Binky, now I am craving chips & it’s only breakfast time…


15 Elizabeth

Whoa!! This is similar to the bag of corn chips I saw that had a big splash statement “20% less fat” (less than what? less than a stick of butter??)

It also reminds me of the cereal ad that said a bowl of cereal with milk is a “good dietary source of protein”, not mentioning that the milk was likely the key ingredient for the protein.

Ketchup can’t be a vegetable because it’s made with tomatoes and tomatoes are fruits. (snort)


16 Will

I would think they would be required to say in small print somewhere what it was 20% less than. Maybe not though.

You are correct that botanically tomatoes are a fruit. But so are cucumbers, squash, and string beans and anything else with a seed.


17 Jan

Including avocadoes which are in the Guiness Book of Records as being the most nutritious fruit.


18 Tony McGurk

I didn’t realise those were classed as fruit as well. Beans especially surprises me. I can’t imagine the next time Michelle makes a fruit pie it having beans in it


19 Kathy

You would think we eat more fruit and vegetables now a days, since back in the 50’s they pushed meat much more, but if you look at the old movies you will notice that even the fat people are thinner. I think this kind of crap is killing us as a nation. I am also suspicious though that we are running out of food in the world and we have no choice, but to eat this kind of crap. I am not sure meat is all that bad, but there has been a strong push towards more vegetables, which may or may not be because we need more of it.


20 KateW81

Oh!I love veggies.Meat is an option.Anyway,just eat healthy foods and don’t abuse yourself is good enough for me.Thanks for sharing..


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