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An organic free range turkey

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Will Sig
1 Binky

She might have been a free range turkey, but she’s not ranging far anymore.
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2 Will

She has ranged far and wide through the dinner menu. I am having the last of the turkey soup tonight!


3 alicia

We still have leftovers. Sandwiches tomorrow? lol.


4 Daddy Forever

Poor turkey. If only it tried to escape when it could.


5 Steve

What sauce is there with it?


6 Jan

Looks totally delicious Will. Do you use butter to keep it moist? My very, very first turkey (have cooked 3 now) was basted in butter and it was by far the best. Not a lot but it just kept it moist with the dripping from the turkey, I wish I had kept that recipe now.

A friend of mine made a fabulous stuffing using fresh herbs. She gave out the recipe but there were no measurements and I definitely od’d on the fresh herbs!

There was an article in our paper this week about the large percentage of free range and organic turkeys being offered in our big supermarkets this year which is really great to hear, they were obviously popular last year and have found a wider market.


7 stevebethere

Your turkey looks better than mine 😉

Have a great WW!, thanks for stopping by and linking up 😉
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8 Firas

Looks really tasty shot! I feel hunger already!
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9 Tony McGurk

Looks delicious Will. We always try to buy organic chicken & definitely only free range eggs.


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