WW: Spring Hike Up Out of the Valleys


I have created a custom post type with no sidebars to use for certain photo posts. I think is is nicer to have the larger photo display. Please let me know what you think and how it looks on your specific computer. Thanks!

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Will Sig
1 Binky

Well it’s a good idea. But the post here on this page shows up the same width as your normal posts. And when I click on the picture, it goes wide, but the sidebar text is printed on top of the picture. (I’m using Firefox 12).
Binky recently posted..People Are the Same All OverMy Profile


2 Will

Ha! My mistake. Set it up to be simple to do, then forgot to do the simple part. Should be good now.


3 Binky

Yes, that’s much better now!
The wide view is much more appropriate for scenes like this.
Binky recently posted..People Are the Same All OverMy Profile


4 Sean

Love the wide shot. But as above when I click on the picture the text overlaps the picture. Thanks for sharing!
Sean recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile


5 Jan

Hi Will
I got the same as above – text overlapping if you click on the photo, but if I hadn’t looked at the two previous posts I wouldn’t have even thought about clicking on the photo because it looks fantastic in the wider format and you don’t really need to click on it. I do have a wide screen lap top so don’t know if that makes much difference. I use Firefox as well but not sure which version – think it’s whatever the latest is!


6 Linda

I’m very much an indoor cat but have recently discovered the joys of being outside. Love this photo.


7 RK Henderson

Dramatic view, Will. The combination of dryland scrub, alpine snow, and squally weather is really provocative. I like the light play.
RK Henderson recently posted..WW: Baby seal on the beachMy Profile


8 Christine

Such a beautiful country! I wish I could ride my beautiful horse through that mysterious and breathtaking place!
Christine recently posted..Mein neues HobbyMy Profile


9 Will

OK – There was more to it as usual. But now when I post a WW or a post with an big image, it should work like this. If you are on the blog page that has the last several posts displayed, the post will be shown normally in the list the same as the other posts. When you click to comment, or click on the title of the post, you will go the the individual post page where the image will be displayed wide, without sidebars. Hope I have it right now!


10 Daddy Forever

I don’t see a photo for this post in Internet Explorer. I only see the slider.


11 Will

Arrgg!! Another IE bug. That lousy browser really should be outlawed. Or at least Microsoft should be forced to conform to web standards and not think that just because they used to have a monopoly on browser use they can do things their own way. I can’t believe that IE does not acknowledge the “auto” value for height, margins, etc. Anyhow, workaround in place so should work for those still using IE.


12 Sukhmandir Kaur

A gorgeous vista, looks very inviting to hike and the display is perfect in my browser (FF latest).


13 commonweeder

The photo looked beautiful on my computer. I use Google Chrome. I love the large format.


14 ~Sunny?G~

Beautiful, reminds me of my place. the picture is perfect on my PC I feel the cloudy day across the hills 🙂
~Sunny?G~ recently posted..Ogress or MermaidenMy Profile


15 Laura

The wide view is much more appropriate for scenes like this.I love the large format.


16 Gabriel

Loved the picture, Will, as usual. Happy WW!


17 Tony McGurk

The photo shows up beautifully on my monitor. That’s a great way to display your photos without the sidebars.
Tony McGurk recently posted..New Directions #5 – Moving HomeMy Profile


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