WW: Whose Skull is This?


What Kind of Skull is This?

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Will Sig
1 Tony McGurk

Well I know it’s not mine. Mine is still inside my head!!!


2 Will

That is really a very good place to keep it Tony! Someone I showed the photo to thought it was a rat skull but you probably would have recognized it if it was given your expertise on rat brains! Not that Cedric and company seem to have much of surplus in that department. Oh Oh. I hope they don’t have any rat mafia relatives here in Oregon or I am in big trouble!


3 Tony McGurk

They have relatives everywhere. Lucky for you though that Spike & Mario are in jail.
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4 Will

Yeah lucky for sure. But the way that cranium is displayed on the rock is disturbing to say the least. A warning maybe?


5 Rochelle Harrison

I guess its the skull of the wild lizard. Hope I have guessed right.


6 Will

It is hard to tell from the photo, but the skull is at least 10 inches long, maybe bigger.


7 Binky

Proof that Sasquatch exists!
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8 Will

Do you mean it might be the skull of Sasquatch? Or that the skull is left over from Sasquatch’s dinner?


9 Binky

I meant it was a probably a Sasquatch skull because I didn’t know what else it was.
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10 Will

Oh. The way that big eye socket is shaped it looks a bit more like another sort of mythical being.


11 Binky

A forest Elf?
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12 RK Henderson

I’d say it’s what’ left of a deer or elk cranium, or possible a calf. Hard to tell from that distance and angle.
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13 Will

You may be right. There are no elk in that area but there are lots of deer. I took the photo with the 200mm lens from the trail across the creek and ravine so I never got close enough myself to get a good look. Interesting the way it is set on the rock though eh? It would not have been a place a person would normally be to put it there but it does not look much like it came to rest there naturally.


14 Linda

Spooky! (That’s all I wanted to say but spambot protection demands more words!)
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15 colleen

Looks a bit like an alien!


16 WilCo

It’s not a skull; it’s a pelvis. Do a Google image search for “deer pelvis” and you’ll find ones that are remarkably similar.


The concavity that is part of the ball-and-socket hip joint tipped me off.


17 Will

I believe you are correct. Thanks!


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